karina bush – Ballbag

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 6, 2013


Karina has recently published ‘Karina Sutra’ – some tantric and erotic poems, and ‘John’s Lottery’ – five stories about johns. All work is available for free download from her website karinabush.com.


Karina Bush

I’ve just spent a few weeks on a beach. Just swimming and dick-watching. Yes. For a week a man came every day. A sloppy slit-watcher. A very special guy.

Those balls. Absolutely fucking massive. A ripe siamese championship beef tomato. An overdue baby’s bloody cranium. Wonderfully meaty and full. Shining like they could burst. Every day I hoped they would blow. I desperately wanted to see what was inside. His dick looked tiny, like a plumped clitoris or an infected ingrown hair or Barbie’s baseball cap.

He bent over to pick up a shell just like a boy on his first visit to the beach. The balls hung and swung dangerously low on the thinnest most strained string of skin. A menstrual dripping. This wasn’t a sexual thing at all for me. Just a fascination. He wanted everyone to see it anyway. I found it incredibly inspirational how he deals with such a strange disability. Like a hero just puts it right out there.

One night I saw him in the village. Riding a bicycle. I don’t know how the fuck that man sat on a bike seat. And without any pain on his face. Just pure pride. Triumphantly riding past me in slow-motion.

He got browner and browner and browner over the days but those balls stayed dog-blurt red. He moved with the sun and by evening the balls faced my spot. On his last evening he put himself in childbirth position and started picking at his perineum. He pulled up some skin and then slowly peeled it upwards, it widened at the balls and he pulled the whole ballbag layer off and the penis skin too and he threw the translucent flap onto the sand, midway between us. Then he downed his beer and left.

I put the ballbag in my bag and went to my tent. I examined it. I smelt it. I took a small bite from the sac and chewed it until bits got stuck in my teeth and the rest disintegrated. I put my treat on my face and took a photo. Then I put it in my purse.

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