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by horrorsleazetrash on November 6, 2010

by Lucky Oceans

Lucky Oceans is a bass player in a small jazz band from Florida on the Tallahassee pan handle.  There is nothing he won’t try once.


‘Fuck! You’re getting better at that,’ she said, pulling me up from between her legs and kissing her own glaze off my face. I smiled and buried my face in her tits.
‘Get plenty of practice,’ I mumbled into her chest.
I looked up at her. ‘I said mmmph mmmph mmm.’ And luckily she didn’t ask what I really said.

About three months ago she convinced me I needed a car. I told her a car would be useless since I’m always drunk, but she looked at me with those eyes that said please and that smile that said something else and I didn’t argue any more. She knew she had me, but just to make sure she leaned in and whispered, ‘Free in car blowjobs any time I make you drive me somewhere.’
‘Hmmm, think I could take a blowjob test drive before I make a decision?’
‘Pleasure,’ she said, and started working at my belt.

I should have smelled an ulterior motive but to be honest I didn’t give it that much thought. A couple of days later she hit me with it.
‘You know my mum used to be a qualified driving instructor. She says she’ll give you a few lessons for free.’
Fucking crafty bitch. Get me alone in a car at 40mph and start grilling me about her daughter. Fuck that.
‘Fuck that,’ I said.
‘Oh so you’d rather pay a stranger than spend some time with my mum?’
‘Yeah, actually,’ I said, because I was half-drunk and all stupid.
‘Fuck it then,’ she said, getting up and heading for the door. She opened it, muttered ‘prick,’ and slammed it behind her. Watching that ass leave I knew it was a stupid reason but I just couldn’t give a thing like that up. I decided to take advantage of the quiet to get good and drunk and phone her in the morning to make up.

And that’s just what I did. Some dames are so easy. All you’ve got to do is whatever the hell they want.

So that’s how I ended up in a deserted car park with her mother. It really hadn’t been all that painful. Just the usual bullshit conversation, asking how it was going between her daughter and me. Nothing too invasive. Plus she had just finished work and was wearing a black dress that fitted in all the right spots. She had fucking huge tits.  Then she said, ‘Pull it over into that shaded spot. I want to have a quick word with you,’ and I knew I wasn’t going to get off so easy. I parked it and she reached over and took the keys. She shifted in her seat so she was facing me.
‘Things sound pretty good between you two,’ she said.
‘Yeah I care about her a lot,’ I said, hoping it was the right thing.
‘Well that’s good,’ she said. ‘She tells me a lot about you. Probably more than you realise.’
‘Oh,’ I said, and it came out as feeble as it sounds.
‘She tells me you’re very talented.’
‘Oh well, I don’t know…’
‘Yes she says you’re the best head she’s ever had.’
It didn’t happen like in the movies. I didn’t get all bug-eyed and shout, ‘What?’ I just sat there looking straight ahead, feeling her watching me and know she was smiling.
‘I didn’t realise you talked about that sort of thing,’ I said, finally.
‘Oh we tell each other pretty much everything,’ she said. ‘She makes me kinda jealous.’
I have a low tolerance for bullshit and I was already bored of hers.
‘I don’t really know what you expect me to say,’ I said, finally turning to look her in the eye.
‘Oh I don’t expect you to say anything. I expect you to get on your knees and eat my pussy.’

I just stared at her. I almost asked her if she was serious but that would have been a stupid question. I could see she was serious.
‘Or I could drive home and tell her I don’t think you’re right for her,’ she said, still smiling. I thought about it for a second. Shit, why not? I thought. I tried to do it like in the movies and leaned in for a kiss.
‘Ah, ah, ah,’ she said, moving away. ‘Just the other lips please.’

The movies are really full of shit sometimes. She shifted her seat back as far as it would go and slowly hitched her skirt up around her waist. Black stockings. If there was any chance of me resisting, it died when I saw those fucking stockings. I crawled over and hunched down in the floor space at her feet. I ran my hand up her legs and started kissing through the black lace panties until she started to moan, then I slipped a finger into the wetness, pulled the panties to one side and let my tongue do the rest. She made it in about five minutes, her quivering thighs clamping my head in place as she rode it out like an expert.
‘Fuck, she was right!’ she said, panting lightly and laughing a little. I wiped my mouth and crawled back over to the driver seat. She raised her ass up off the seat and shimmied her skirt back into place, then looked in the rear-view to fix her hair.
‘So,’ she said, ‘same time next week?’

And that’s how it went, week after week. About twenty minutes driving around – half an hour if I was lucky – and then we were off to that car park in the shade with me on the floor and her feet on the dashboard. I must have gone about six weeks before it finally started to get to me. I stopped at a red light and I could feel her giving me the look. I realised where her daughter had learned it, and that pissed me off even more.
‘Listen I’m all about giving pleasure but this is a bit one-sided for me,’ I said.
‘Oh, what do you suggest?’ she asked, and the coy act didn’t suit her.
‘I’d suggest that after our usual arrangement today you return the favour,’ I said. She took her time responding.
‘That’s fair,’ she said, and I headed in the direction of the car park.

I started to get excited, thinking about her hunched over me with my cock in her mouth and her big tits spilling out of her blouse. She must have been thinking along the same lines because out of the blue she took my hand off the gear stick and pushed it up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing underwear.
‘Notice anything?’ she asked. I toyed with it a little bit, trying like hell to keep my mind on the road, then I realised what she was talking about. She had shaved. Usually I prefer neatly trimmed to totally shaved but for some reason it got me going.
‘Fuck,’ I muttered, and she grinned. Then she clamped her legs together and crossed her ankles, forcing my hand out. By the time I pulled it into the shaded spot my dick was so hard it was starting to hurt.

I was so worked up I forgot to take my seatbelt off and almost broke my fucking neck trying to get on the floor. She laughed a wild laugh as I snapped the belt off and got down on the floor.
I had just gotten going when she said, ‘Oh shit!’
I looked up to see what was wrong and she quickly pushed me back down.
‘No, stay down,’ she said, grabbing her coat from the back seat and throwing it over me. She started pretending to talk to someone on her phone and I hunched there in the darkness with a face full of pussy.
I heard the window roll down and a man said, ‘Everything okay?’
‘Yes officer,’ she said, ‘just making a phone call.’
A cop! Jesus. I almost laughed out loud, but that pussy was keeping my nose warm and my dick hadn’t gone down. I was ready for action and this sonofabitch was holding me up.
‘Thought maybe you were having car trouble,’ he said.
‘No, no, just needed a quiet place. Private call.’
‘How come you’re in the passenger seat?’
‘Oh, uh…’ Ha, he had her nervous now. The bitch. All this time making me cheat on her daughter. Using me like a fucking tongue on legs. I’d show her. I stuck my tongue out and flicked at her clit. She let out a little gasp – half pleasure, half plain, dumb surprise.
‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ asked the cop.
‘Yes. Yes, sorry. I got some bad news, that’s all. Needed some time alone.’
‘All right then, if you’re sure there’s nothing I can do?’
‘No, thank you very much. I’ll be fine.’
‘Okay. Take care ma’am.’
I heard the window roll back up and she breathed a long, loud sigh. Then she giggled.
‘You bastard,’ she said, and whipped the coat away. I got up in time to see the cop car drive off. She was still smiling and she let her head fall back, sighing again. She had her eyes closed and didn’t see me looking down at her. She looked like she had been ravaged. Sweating lightly, skirt hiked up, breathing hard. It was too much. I fell down on top of her, kissing her roughly. I started grabbing at her tits and ran a hand up her thigh to her bare pussy, stroking it back to life. She protested at first but I kept on kissing at her, tearing at her blouse until those mountainous tits burst into view and I stuck my face between them.
‘We can’t do this,’ she said, but she pulled my face back to hers and kissed me as I unbuckled my belt and pushed my jeans and shorts down around my knees. I pushed my cock up against her cunt, running it up and down her slit until she had one hand on my ass and the other around my shaft, guiding it in. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I started pounding at her like a porn-warped virgin with his first lay. I lasted about the same length of time too.

When I finished I rolled back to the driver seat and pulled up my jeans. She just lay there panting, the buttons torn off her blouse and one nipple peeking out over the top of her bra.
‘Jesus,’ she said, biting her lip.
‘That’ll give you something to talk about over dinner,’ I said, and when she laughed those big tits jiggled my cock back to half-mast. I still miss those things.

When she finished me off she crawled up beside me and pulled my arm around her. I lay with my face against the back of her neck and started to fall asleep.
‘By the way,’ she said, ‘Mum says you should probably do a few professional lessons before you take your test.’
I smiled.
‘Yeah, I’d say I’ve gotten about as much out of her as I could hope to.’

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