Metal Detectors

by Ian on October 1, 2011

by Kathleen K.

Kathleen gets fucked in Alaska on occasion. She hates everyone and wanted to give a big FUCK YOU shout-out. Girl’s got rage.


There was never a chance in hell that I would’ve escaped being pulled into that bathroom, tossed on the black and white checkered floor. Mud stains from soiled shoes mocked me to my left as her hair tickled my right cheek. But, she was my best friend and she could tell me to jump on all fours and bark like a dog, and I’d probably say yes. Enough time passes in your ordinary life when you stop caring and find yourself laying on your back in a unisex bathroom trying to figure out if you’re going to be giving it or getting it. Luckily we had that kind of friendship where we each took one for the team. I pulled apart her pussy lips and pondered for the briefest moment if that smell was the same as mine and then decided to wing it and just see for myself. I had nothing to lose except the loss of taking a chance. Everyone else had lost something. A wallet. A crusty, thong on the floor of a car. A few extra brain cells. All I could muster in my chiselled-out mind was to stick my tongue in her direction and try to figure out the way I liked it and if I could replicate it without being interrupted 17 times by the kitchen staff. I licked her wet lips and bit her clit because she once told me she liked when guys did that. I eventually stopped caring and tongue-fucked her nice and deep because that’s what was making me wet just thinking about it. In and out I prodded, slow at first, but quickly picking up speed because I wanted to see how deep I could go. I was just as innocent as my boyfriend was back in the home we shared fucking one of my friends who I had just started liking. And they say all is fair in love and war, except love and war are the same broken shelves in a trashed trailer home with your panties dangling off your foot as you wonder if the carpet has shattered pieces of glass engrained in it, or if it’s just that fucking disgusting that it’s making your ass read like Braille. But I tend to lose my mind and that night I sucked her pussy and felt like I had never been more free each suffocating lick at a time. Really though, who the hell cared what I was doing when everyone in this damned world is too far up their own assholes to really have a concern for other people’s leisurely activities. And my justness was gone the second my friend had her head blown off by her scumbag boyfriend and I learned quickly that we were all destined to die, either miserably or with falling grace. And my internal mantra tells me to say fuck it more often than not. And when I did I found myself buried in my friend’s lace panties pushed off to the side with my nose rubbing into her fap, readily admitting that I’d rather be nowhere else in the world than kneeling on a damp bathroom floor in one of my prettiest dresses with my chin getting rubbed raw on a dirty restroom floor. Die I will, and it will be impressive recognizing I checked off so many boxes while others were sheltering themselves in the confines of normalcy and conventional statuses. I wish to hear from all of you who determine your lives by moments of complete exposure, knowing you easily will be judged but decide in your state of grace that its best to warrant all lunacy and psychotic methods of reconciliation – within yourself – before dying on a bed of roses dusted with good behavior.

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