Misty Rampart

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 7, 2013


Misty Rampart’s poetry has been published in Bareback, Featherlit, Sister Ignition, Nefarious Ballerina and others. Her book Lady Lack is available on Amazon.


A Boykiss Drip

Heaven must’ve forgotten me. I’m badly done up in make up and my wardrobe consists of only man-made colors and animal prints. Tits—maybe too big, but I’ve never found a boy that wouldn’t make good use of them. Once in a while I gag—consider myself lucky—but it’s ok, I’ve sucked off such a string of tyrants you wouldn’t believe. My pretty eyes will gladly grant you membership in my mouth. Join my joy luck spit club and joyfully I will receive your long hard revelation. And you’ll think that pink misty, now there’s a pretty pussy you could almost wive. Nobody ever goes through with it though.
Praise! And pray, let the heraldry of your trumpets call its bursting on my cheek, a boykiss drip! But until then, you better respect my heels, my thighs both welcoming and sending you away.


“I’m going to come on your fucking face!” you say…there are no words to defend against it. I’ll never get you out of these lashes. Will need to begin again. Later I will contemplate it, discovering that spit is somehow a spiritual thing, it soothes the friction of love.



Remember those two guys from the gym?


He grabs me by the hair, as if I won’t obey him, stuffs my mouth with wonder, while his friend fucks me—this one rubs my clit with just the head, slaps it a couple times, then enters me as I scream FUCK! coming on him instantly.


His cock continues to throb in my mouth, muffling my screams, as his buddy thunderfucks me

and my orgasms come in a line that won’t break up.


I snap out of my daydream. I am thinking about going to work out later.



All that you wear

– Instructions to the whore you were/are

Put on that blue dress then take it off again before he even gets you in the car let the reservations go to hell

Feast on his cock instead they’ll be diamonds another day

Meanwhile busy yourself with his tugging pulling teasing of all that you wear all that you are


Kneel give in take spit


He has the right tongue for not speaking been around the block


Fuck his face like you were 15 again let him windmill you make a pouty face cum on his shit





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