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by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 24, 2012

Newamba Flamingo is the operator of the website “The Meth Lab”

He likes dragon fruit, alien abductions, and wearing his ex-girlfriend’s clothes sometimes.

You can reach him by telepathy.

“Teacher Fucks Student, Fucks Hooker”

Keith Jones was a slightly overweight, fortysomething American teaching conversational English at a small college in China.

The college was located in a rural area, about an hour away from the closest city. There wasn’t a lot to do at the college and buses to the city were few and far between.

Like pretty much all his colleagues, Keith was bored. And lonely. Nearly the entire foreign teaching staff at the college was male, and the few female teachers were painfully unattractive. The Chinese teachers, most of which were female, wanted nothing to do with their foreign counterparts, and most didn’t speak English anyway.

Keith tried hitting on a few of his students, as some of his colleagues had been dating their students, but he didn’t have any luck. He also tried the city, but his lack of Chinese and all the women he met’s lack of English caused him to have no success there, either.

Fed up and not having had sex in almost a year, he turned to prostitution. But all the hookers he found in the city were too expensive. So he asked around to his colleagues and found out about a place in the nearby village, underneath a highway bridge, where some hookers lived and would fuck for only about $15.

However, he was warned the hookers there were way, way past their prime. In fact, he was told most were pushing at least forty or fifty and were fat and ugly and appeared to be in quite ill health.

But Keith didn’t care. Sure, he wanted better, but was tired of his hand and decided desperate times call for desperate measures.

So he biked down to the village one drizzly afternoon and happened upon the bridge he’d been told about. Under it were four women standing around in a litter-filled street, in front of a row of dilapidated shacks.

The closer he got, the worse they looked. All four were nearly fifty, flabby, and all had terrible skin and overall unhealthy appearances.

He’d not paid for sex before and figured that if he would, it’d at least be for someone attractive. But the thought of again going home to his hand pushed him to keep going, and he rode his bike up to the hookers, picked out the least unattractive of the lot, and followed her back to her shack.

Inside her shack there was only a single bed, an old TV, and a bucket of water on the floor. The whole place smelled like shit and looked filthy. Even the tiny bathroom in the back, consisting of just a shower head and squat toilet, looked dirty as fuck.

He paid the hooker and she pulled off her shirt, revealing dangerously low hanging boobs with large purplish nipples. She then peeled off her pants and granny panties and out came her pussy, which was jungle hairy and stunk royally.

Keith undid his pants and whipped out his cock but wasn’t turned on at all. His cock fell limp into the cold air of the room. He closed his eyes and stroked it, trying to think of his 18 year old students, Megan Fox, porn, whatever he could, but it was to no avail.

The hooker grabbed onto his cock and started to wank him w/her clammy hand. Not getting any reaction, she squirted some lube onto him and tried again.

Keith did his best to think of anything other than this nasty whore and her disgusting shack. But he wasn’t feeling anything and just couldn’t get horny.

The hooker continued wanking him for about a minute, finally giving him a semi, and, mere seconds after that, he prematurely ejaculated into her hand.

Disappointed in himself, he did up his pants and got the hell out of there, not even looking at the hooker or saying goodbye. He went back to his apartment at school and wanked off later that night to a picture he’d snuck from his cell phone of one of his students, bending over a desk in her short skirt. Suddenly an idea popped into his mind.

The next day, he biked back to the bridge, this time carrying his rucksack. He saw the same hooker but instead chose another, who looked even older and less attractive, though was still better than the other two there.

The hooker took him into her shack and, after Keith paid her, he turned her around, bent her over, and rolled up her skirt. Then he took out a printed copy of that picture of his favorite student in her short skirt and taped it onto the hooker’s back.

He broke out his cock and quickly stroked himself hard, and, in the heat of the moment, neglected to put a condom on before pulling down the hooker’s shit-stained thong and plunging himself into her somewhat dry but surprisingly tight and warm pussy.

He stared down at the picture as he fucked the hooker, angrily, and she moaned and cried and was shouting out something in Chinese that he couldn’t understand.

Ignoring her, he pretended he was fucking his student in their classroom, underneath that tight little skirt, her cute pink panties all hanging around her ankles.

About two or three minutes later, he came, in heavy gushes. He took out his cock and instantly felt sick as he saw his spunk dripping out of the hooker’s old, hairy cunt.

He ran into the bathroom and washed his dick with the shower head. The hooker, still with the picture taped to her back, was frantically wiping at her pussy with a towel and screaming at him in Chinese. She sounded rather pissed.

Keith zipped up his pants, ran out the door, got on his bike and rode back to his apartment. It was only a week later that the rash around his genital region broke out, followed by a painful burn- in a most unfortunate location…

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