R Whittaker

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 16, 2013

I’m old enough to know better but still young enough to do it.  I enjoy writing and reading all flash fiction.

“That fucking bitch took what was mine and she’ll pay.” Her mouth opens to scream those words but she waits. She knows her patience will pay huge dividends. She will be so happy.  Once she takes care of that bitch, all of her unfulfilled dreams will come true. She will have her big day and it will be more amazing that she could have ever imagined. Tim left her for another woman but everything works out in the end. She needs to be patient. She sits in the church watching the wedding remembering how everything got so screwed up.


She had been alone for a very long time. She didn’t really notice the emptiness anymore.  It was funny how you could rationalize anything in your life.  Sure, she had lots of friends. Most women do. But at the very base of her existence, she felt the loneliness like a warm blanket she kept over her shoulders.  Falling in love with a guy from work was the last thing on her mind.


Tim was the new guy at work.  Not overly handsome but pleasing to look at.  Their conversations started out innocently enough. But there was always something bubbling just below the surface. Tim always made her feel very special and pretty. Their conversations would often turn sexual and she would say things to him that shocked her own sense of middle class sensibilities. She felt comfortable with Tim, like she could be herself and no one would judge her. Their romance continued to blossom, and soon the conversation turned to weddings. Then her world crumbled when Susie came into work that fateful day.


It started out so innocently. Tim, always the nice guy, helped Susie fit right in in her new job. It wasn’t long before Tim’s visits to Susie’s cubicle would last longer and longer. She could hear Tim making Susie laugh and it would grate on her nerves like fingers on a chalkboard. It wasn’t long before people were asking her what happened. She would look at them, smile and say “Susie happened,” the hatred dripping from her lips.


The two of them now stood before god declaring their undying love for each other. She sat quietly in the pew as the rage swirled in her and tickled her tongue. She could taste the bitterness and she enjoyed the way it gave her a purpose. The anger made her realize she was doing the right thing. She looked at them and the bile rose in her throat. Tim wanted to invite her because it would help alleviate his guilt if everyone was friends. That was Tim, always the peacemaker.


“I just don’t understand,” she mumbled as Tim tried to explain. “It’s just that, I dunno, things just kinda happened, you know. Susie and I have a connection at a deeper level. It’s not you, it’s me.” She could feel her fist balling up and she wanted to drive it right into his face. She wanted to feel his flesh tear away as her rings dug into the face that had betrayed her.  When Tim came by her cubicle to invite her to the wedding, she knew something had to be done.


Every day she would rise out of bed and her thoughts would turn to Tim and Susie. She wanted to make the bitch pay. She wanted her to feel the pain and humiliation she experienced every day. Her venomous thoughts curled around her mind like a snake squeezes a mouse.


The wedding day arrived and with it, the festering anger was reaching its boiling point. “That fucking bitch took what was mine and there is nothing going to stand in my way,” she would say over and over again.


“I do” Tim said with the biggest shit eating grin on his face. She put her hand in her purse and felt the cool, smooth blade. Its coldness warmed her heart. “I do,” Susie said and the two of them kissed and people started to applaud. “Are you kidding me?” she thought as the bride and groom began to walk down the aisle. People were clapping and had huge smiles on their faces like this was the happiest day of their lives. “Fuck that shit,” she thought as she took the knife in her hand and stepped in front of the bride. At first, Tim wasn’t sure what was going on. Now was the moment when her life would have its destiny fulfilled. The first thrust went straight into the bitch’s belly. The red stains on the white dress were so beautiful in their contrast she almost stopped to admire her work. The moment passed and she pulled the knife out with a sickening slurshing sound. The second thrust, higher, went straight into the bitch’s heart, if she had one. Susie collapsed onto the floor clutching her now eviscerated stomach. Her thick, red blood flowed over her fingers staining her new wedding ring. Friends and family stood there with their mouths agape looking at the crazy woman with the blood soaked knife standing over the bride as the wedding dress became thick with blood. Everything was in slow motion and the only sound she heard was her heartbeat thumping in her ears. She was suddenly aware of Tim screaming. She dropped the knife and went to him.


“It’s alright honey, we can be together now. Don’t you worry about a thing.” Tim looked at her and said, “Why?”


“Why?” she responded, “”because I love you.”

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