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by horrorsleazetrash on October 2, 2010

“The Sea Takes What It Wants”

Madeline stood at the ridge of the cliff overlooking the ocean, a sharp wind swept up the tendrils of her chestnut hair that strayed from her tightly wound chignon. They flirted in front of her eyes, tickled her nose as the dry grass beneath her feet twisted with the changing gusts; deep purple flowers rose and bent to the ground only to rise again as if in prostration.

The day was bitter with light rain driving into her cheeks, stinging them red with each drop. Madeline turned her face into the cold, letting it bite her along the neck like a lover. There is something refreshing about being taken by the elements, something organic and flustering that burrows into the core of her. The gray sky settles over her as if it were a quilt woven together by gloom.

He has still not arrived as the night creeps in. Madeline feels a pang of disappointment at his tardiness. It is so unlike him to not be prompt. She imagines he has found her disagreeable, and this is her punishment for being too eager to submit to him.

She puts her arms around to the small of her back, the left hand holding the right with palms up as she waits patiently for him. She leans into a gust as a new wave crashes the jagged stones below, spraying her with its angry salted spit. Madeline feels him before she hears him, when he firmly grips her wrists in his large hands, pulling her arms back sharply.

“You’re early,” Stephen says.

“I-I thought you were late,” she tells him.

He pulls harder on her wrists, jerking them, creating a new burning tension in her shoulders. “Don’t talk out of turn.”

“Yes sir,” Madeline says lightening her tone.

Stephen leans in, smelling the sweet scent of lilac in her hair as it melds with the sea. He smells the excitement building on her skin with his touch, with the deep sound of his voice. He licks his lips to moisten them, tasting the air of her in his mouth, and smiles to himself before he releases her wrists from the strength of his hands.

“Stay just as you are, and do not move until I tell you to,” he demands, and notices the quickening of her breath as he tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear, trailing the tip of his finger down the side of her neck feeling her pulse bound. He comes closer to her, hovers above the skin of her neck corded in tension and anticipation, before gracing her with his soft lips.

Madeline sucks in her breath rapidly when he touches her, her body still, but suddenly alive with frenetic lust. She knows he will punish her if she disobeys. The heat of his mouth moves up her neck, into her ear, as she hears him whisper a command.

“Undress. Now.”

“But its still light out and it is freezing cold,” Madeline pleas.

“Are you disobeying me?” Stephen says sternly.

“No sir.”

She pulls the brown woolen sweater over her head, knocking loose more stands of hair that circulate in the breeze, hands tremor as she reaches for the first button at the top of her shirt. She takes her time undoing each one. Stephen commanded her to undress, but he did not say how fast she must do it. Each lost button parts her shirt a little more, the fabric billowing out as the cold air rifles underneath it.

Her white cotton bra becomes visible and she watches his eyes darting from her fingers meticulously working buttons to the newly bared flesh of her chest. Her head is bowed tenderly at an angle to avert his gaze, and she senses this arouses him as his cock twinges against his trousers.

Madeline slips the shirt from her shoulders as a gale cuts into her skin making her body shudder and her teeth chatter softly as she tries to maintain some composure. The shirt is lofted by the salted wind as it leaves her fingertips and flutters to the ground a few feet away. She reaches her arms back to undo the clasp of her bra when Stephen calls to her.

“Wait before you unhook it, hold your arms back in that position,” he tells her as he walks towards her.

She stiffens as he draws near, and cannot understand what he is doing as he kneels in front of her. It confuses her. He places his hands on her hips, thumbs pressing into the bony protrusions. Madeline watches his tongue dart from between his lips into her navel. It is warm and wet against her wind slashed skin, and his incalescent breath spreads through her entire body, erupting from the epicenter of her abdomen. There exists a thick desire to run her fingers through his hair and press him into her but he has not commanded her to move.

He gave her this pleasure unexpectedly and took it away just the same, only giving her enough to keep her in line. Stephen stands in front of her now, eyes boring a hole in her, and backs away to give himself a better view as she resumes her disrobement.

“You many continue,” he says.

Madeline unhooks the bra and is aware of the tender burning in her biceps from holding that awkward position, but it pleases her and makes her alive with the wanting of more. She loops her arms out of the cotton straps and her breast loll down slightly, nipples so hard they hurt. She instinctively moves to cover them with her arm.

“No, Madeline. I want to see you. Arms down at your sides until I tell you otherwise,” he tells her over the wind.

Her arms drop instantly and the motion forces her to put her chest out, further exposing her erect nipples and naked flesh. Stephen notices a faint grimace on her face, the delicate edges of her mouth turned down, and tears on the rim of her lids. He knows he is making her work hard for her pleasure, and he appreciates it, but cannot stop himself from pushing her farther. She knows the safe word and can speak it to him at anytime.

“Take off your pants, and your panties please.”

Maddy fumbles with the cold button to her pants. It finally comes undone and she pulls the zipper down easily. The denim peels off over her hips and thighs, gathering around her ankles. She steps out of them and hesitates when she must remove her soft cotton underwear. It is almost too much to bear in this weather, but her fingers do his bidding. They hook the fabric and draw it down and away from her skin.

Stephen’s cock is fully erect, and straining against his trousers at the sight of her completely naked body abound in gooseflesh, hair flying kamikaze in the creeping night, sea spray lifting above her head, and the deflated look on her face are all too much. He wants to feel her mouth on him.

“Come over here and kneel on the ground,” he calls to her against the sound of the ocean, “undo my pants and put my cock in your mouth.”

She conceals her joy by shivering in the bitterness of the evening. She undoes his leather belt and then the button, slowly unzipping his pants watching his erection nearly fall out. She grabs him in her hand, guiding his pulsating member into her mouth. He is warm and solid between her wet lips.

He rests his hand on the back of her head, her soft brown hair like silk beneath his palm, as he slowly fucks her sweet mouth. He feels the apprehension fading as her body slackens and the muscles of her throat relax, opening her up to take him in deeper and easier. A smile peels across his lips as he enjoys the pleasure of her mouth. Madeline begins to enjoy this as well, only too much so he notices she is trying to dictate his rhythm, so at once, he removes his cock from her mouth startling her.

“Oh,” says Madeline surprised.

“Stand up and face me at once!” he barks at her.

She stands quickly facing him with some degree of shame at her overt attempt to control the situation. He grabs her by the chin with his hand making her look him in the eyes. She feels the tears begin to stain her cheeks seeing the look of disappointment in Stephen’s eyes. She is trying to obey but her desire to have him overwhelms her and she loses focus. He stands like this for a moment until a tear hits his thumb, and then he releases her from his gaze and pulls her into his chest. Tentatively, she rests her head there basking in the warmth of his body against hers.

His penis has softened in this exchange but he doesn’t care. He knows what is to come later. He kisses Madeline on the mouth, their soft lips pressing together and hers part as his tongue finds its way to hers, becoming entangled in the taste of her. He can feel her nipples erect and rubbing against his cotton shirt. Stephen reaches down to her breasts, still kissing her deeply, and rolls a hard nipple between his fingers firmly increasing the pressure until he feels Madeline quiver. He knows very well that she loves it when he does this and can feel her fighting the urge to succumb to his touch.

He leans his head down and takes the cold erect bud in his mouth. It is red from the wind and the sea’s harsh attitude and the warmth of his tongue makes her audibly cry out. Without thinking, she places her hand on his head, tangling her fingers in his hair and pushes him into her body closer. She wants him so bad. He stops at once, takes this pleasure away from her as she has insulted his generosity. He stands up and removes her hand from his head stepping back away from her leaving her unsheltered against the night.

“You know the rules Madeline, and you’re being a naughty girl. You need a stern reprimand,” he tells her.

“But I didn’t mean to do it sir. I just….”

“I am not interested in your excuses or mistakes young lady. You are getting punished until you can remember the rules.”

“Yes, sir,” Madeline says hanging her head down. Stephen’s cock starts to harden again as her acquiescence is arousing.

“Pick up your clothes and walk back to the house,” he commands her as he zips his pants and loops his belt.

Madeline bends over to pick up her clothes that are now scattered all over the long grass from the wind. She has to go several places to collect all the articles and relishes the chance to move her body freely, and to have something to cover her skin. When the last of her clothes are gathered, she moves toward the house with anticipation dreaming about the warmth of the fire inside.

Stephen follows her every move with his eyes, watching the shape of her legs as they flex to pick things up from the ground, the angle her arms make as she draws these things to her breast, the robust nature of her buttocks as the cheeks part when she bends over, exposing her cunt to him. Her hair has come undone in a mass of brown curls moving in the breeze as if it had a mind of its own, as if it were a separate entity. He looks forward to punishing her for his own pleasure, knowing that she too will be pleased.

Slowly, he walks through the tall dry grass and the sound of the blades against his khaki’s make him hungry for her though he does not know why. He sees her standing in the locked doorway shivering, and the bluish cast of her skin makes her look angelic and frozen. He puts his hands inside his pocket to retrieve the keys and his fingers brush lightly against his hardening member. Stephen strokes it through the fabric before pulling the keys out.

Madeline smiles softly as she sees him broaching the stairs as it means there is warmth to be had, shelter from this sea side wind that has brutalized her skin. The first step creaks under his weight sending a shockwave of lust through her and making her heart palpitate. She knows there is punishment to come and though it will hurt her, it will take her places she wants to go.

He moves passed her to get to the door, lightly brushing against her. The wait is too much now and her fear coats her heart with a fine film that cannot mask the growing desire in her. The door creaks open and the heat from the fire emanates towards her, whispering like a soft voice from a man with soft hands curling his fingers around her waist and drawing her inward against her will. The inside of the cabin is black, save for the orange flickering coming from the fieldstone fireplace. It scares Madeline to go into this place first but the warmth colliding with her bare legs, running up their length to her pussy, eases her some.

She forges her way into the darkness, into the open cabin room. The firelight is brighter now that she has moved into the house and its reflection against the whitewashed stone walls gives her a close feeling. She expects Stephen to light the candles and the lantern but the room remains vanquished in the soft light, consuming her in feelings of helplessness. She lets out a heaving sigh that cuts the room in half.

He comes up behind her and touches her hips with fingers as light as feathers. The delicate pressure of his hands awakens her. She realizes that she is still clutching her belongings to her chest. Madeline bends over to place them in a pile on the ground, and in doing this her buttocks graze his pelvis, his hands gripping her harder. She can feel his hardness against her and smiles. Once her things are on the floor, she lifts herself up slowly, hair cascading down her back and waits for his direction.

Stephen is drunk on the shape of her body in the soft light, shadows making curves and crevices darker and more mysterious though he knows them all by heart. It makes them look like places to be delved into, explored, tortured and soothed into compliance. He runs his hands from her hips across the span of her stomach, sliding upwards cupping a breast in each hand. They are flaccid and soft until he begins to dance his fingers lightly along the tender skin beneath the breast. He can feel her excitement in her shallow, heated breaths, can feel the fragile skin of her areolas tightening and the pink buds erupting like mountains. He runs his palm over her nipples and the sensation makes her stand straighter to push them out closer to him. He knows that now is the time to begin.

“Get on the bed,” he tells her, “I want you face down with your arms wrapped behind your knees.”

Madeline moves in silence towards the bed. The punishment has reared its ugly head, and now she must take what is coming to her for her discretions. She crawls on the edge of the bed, feeling the mattress bend slightly with her weight, until she is on all fours. She leans back on her haunches before folding in half over a stack of soft pillows and placing her cheek against the cool sheet. She loops her arms around the backs of her thighs and waits.

He grabs the soft rope from the nightstand drawer, closing it slowly so she can hear the wood scraping along the grooves. He walks toward Madeline and runs the rope over her back teasing her, making her squirm. Stephen begins tying the rope around her wrists tightly, binding her in this exposed position, face pushed into the bed, ass high in the air, her sex on display to him as she anticipates his punishment.

The ropes tighten a bit more and she lets out a groan as the pain sears her forearms. She feels the entire weight of his body move onto the bed, knowing he is poising himself behind her, penetrating her cunt with his eyes, spreading the cheeks of her ass with his imagination, climbing into her with something insatiable. She feels the air around her suck upwards and knows what is coming next, knows that this knowledge will not take away the pain inflicted on her.

Stephen brings his open hand down hard upon her creamy white ass. She cries out sharply and he feels his arousal building. He repeats the blow over and over again in an even, time rhythm watching small red welts rising against her skin like a sunset. Her body shakes and shudders, and he can hear Madeline’s muffled sobs push into the pillow. For a moment, he thinks about spanking her again, but sees that he has broken her will, sees that she will give him anything he asks her for without hesitation. He lays his hand gently upon the hot angry flesh of her buttocks, rubs the punishment into her skin, and smoothes the heat out in easy, round circles.

The sound of his belt coming undone, his zipper pulling their teeth apart eases Madeline’s tears. She looks over at him straining her neck into an awkward position to observe him undressing. Stephen slides his pants down and his beautiful, thick cock hangs there half hard. She watches him take it into his hand and stroke himself slow as he looks at her, catching her watching without permission. Quickly, she averts her gaze to avoid consequences.

His cock grows thicker as he glides his hand up and down its shaft. He catches Madeline watching him and then sees her look away in fear. It makes him harder knowing she has looked away, but he knows she is still watching him and he likes this, it tells him there is still fight left in her. He positions himself behind her taking in the glorious view of her pink pussy open for him, an invitation he will not be able to resist much longer. He can see how wet she has become before he even touches her. He lets his penis fall from his hand and runs his finger along her slit to feel her wetness.

Madeline is not expecting him to touch her when his fingers slowly part her lips and find their way into her cunt, moving easily in her wetness. She is hot from the waiting, from the spanking and from the wanting. He moves in and out of her deliberately, his breath rapid and warm on her sex as he fucks her with his fingers. She wants to pull him in deeper but she is bound and cannot move, so must endure the pleasure as he sees fit to give it. Madeline lets out a heaving sigh when he adds another finger, moving faster now, going deeper until he rubs against the sweet spot, until she thinks she might lose her mind.

“Have you learned your lesson dear Madeline? Are you ready to be a good girl?” he asks her.

“Yes sir,” she says into her pillow and biting her lip as he continues to slide his fingers in and out of her.

He can see the tracks on her tear stained face in the glow of the fire, and the down turned corners of her mouth. He is compelled to change that face and make it sweet again. He wants her to be pleased by his touch, wants her to have all of him now. His cock is very hard and he places the head just inside her pussy gently moving into her. She lets out a throaty moan as he steadily works his inches into her, fills her cunt slowly reveling in the friction, and how her muscles squeeze his girth, pulling him in deeper. He fits in her like a puzzle piece.

Madeline shudders as he fills her to the hilt, driving into her deep and pulling out nearly all the way, just to plunge in again. She cannot contain herself now and the moans get louder as her body is pleased. His hands are on her hips and he pulls her into him with force. She can feel the heat spreading from her cunt to her abdomen to her chest and into her neck. She isn’t far from orgasm.

Stephen feels the change in her body, can feel the tension mounting. He fucks her the way she likes it, hears her moaning get louder, her breath faster until he feels the hot explosion of her juices on his cock, the shockwaves of electricity that run through them both as if she were a live wire, and feels beneath his hands her skin quivering like a seizure. He moves slower now riding the end of her wave as he is near himself. He pulls his cock out of her and strokes himself vigorously until his load shoots all over her white ass. He watches it run down the sides of her and sees the smile spread across her face, half buried in the pillow, and knows that she has taken what she wanted.

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