Shainur Ullah

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 11, 2012

The beautiful woman

The night was young and bouncers with big bellies and arms tucked in standing outside the clubs, a very timid shy man 21 just graduated from university, for the first time managed to sweet talk a beautiful woman from the club. He was taking her back to his apartment and to lose his virginity for the first time, an office worker even though he studied philosophy he was one of those guys that never really took it to the end but this was something he wanted to complete. He was anxious and scared; the feeling losing virginity was worrying him he really wanted to impress her.

He had a weird feeling about her, she was always smiling and when she went past the bouncers they all seemed prepared to fight off a lion on their backs giving the fear tension, she was quite and never spoke much, they both walked through the slow rain and finally getting to his apartment, trying to speak to her the best way he can, Jeremy tried at least.
Jeremy, ‘erm do you like food? Or which faveroute movie have you watched? Have you ever had sex?’

she just smiled and giggled and as they went in, Jeremy still not knowing her name and feeling more awkward as they started undressing and playing with some of his stuff in his room, whatever she touched she made sexy and then she found some scissors. This was a very weird move; Jeremy didn’t know why she picked up some scissors. Her smile was much larger than before and she was freaking Jeremy out, dancing with the scissors and singing nursery song getting closer and closer and a sudden jump at him,

Jeremy, ‘Oh my god what are you doing, why are you trying to chop off my penis?’

She was insane and with a sudden gasp he remembered something on the papers, reading it without thought. A serial killer on the loose so many men have lost their penises to this female predator, finally realizing why the bouncers looked uneasy and her strength was immense more than a man.

Jeremy, ‘please don’t please I beg of you’

it was hard to move around while having an erected penis, but studying martial arts he remembers how to disarm weapons but never in a million years would he use it in this situation it was not a place you would want to be, she didn’t talk much but maybe she didn’t know how to talk. He disarmed the scissors and stabbed continually and screaming for his own life he stabbed her like there was no tomorrow. She was dead, he started to cry and in shock he phoned the police and when he went back to his room she was not there on the floor anymore and on the wall in blood ‘maybe next time cutie’

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