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by horrorsleazetrash on October 4, 2010

Two Women

I had to put Annie on a plane. She was late. We didn’t use a rubber. I couldn’t deal with that shit. We had a good month together. She was into crafts and design shows. I liked to watch football and get drunk. She liked to fuck sometimes. I had to be honest with her. I had lost interest. She had started talking about marriage and looking at rings. I kept things funny and changed the subject. She had been married twice. Her first husband put a shotgun in her mouth. The second beat the shit out of her. Annie said she had a bad man picker. I never married. Most of my time was spent working a dead end job. I watched boxing every night and got drunk. I liked smoking cheap cigars. I liked walking around to the bars. I had even been eighty-sixed from a few of them. I’m glad the bitch left.

Nikki was coming in next weekend. She was like fire compared to Annie. Annie had a good heart . Nikki like being tied up, and kinky sex. I looked forward to her visits. She just wanted to fuck. She knew how to please a man. That was part of the problem. She fucked every guy in sight. I knew she did. You had to take what you could get . I had put her on a flight. It was coming from Houston. She had a job there. I taught for school ten years.

The airport was crowded as fuck. Nikki had a on a black dress. It hung tight on her ass. She looked like a knock out. She was a fucking knock out. My ass was north of three hundred pounds. The shit started three months ago. I browsed sex ads in the Dallas Observer. Nikki worked the metro areas. I paid good. My folk were loaded. I got a check from them once a month. I was drawing unemployment too. All you had to do was say you looked for work. I hadn’t looked for work in six months. I got fired from teaching. I was drinking on the job. I put a little whiskey in my coffee. The principal smelled my breath one morning. That was it.

Nobody was more disappointed in me, than me. Nikki helped my stress. I didn’t feel all that stressed. Nikki was strictly business. No dating, just fucking. We arrived back at my place. I wondered what she had in store. Nikki carried a little suitcase. It contained many sex toys. She had a pierced clit. I heard it felt better. Nikki pulled out some rope. “Tie my ass up.” I did. Both her hands stretched to the bed posts. “Now slap my face as hard as you can.” I hit her hard. Her front teeth fell out. I didn’t know my strength. She moaned with pleasure as blood dripped on my sheets. “Slap me again!” This bitch was crazy. I thought about my dad on the next one. He was a Baptist preacher. Her neck almost snapped. She breathed heavy. I wondered what her pimp would think. He probably didn’t care.

Nikki moaned with pain. I put it in. I gave her some hard thrusts. She was done. I came on her bloody tits. She looked dead. She still sucked in air. I got a towel. I wiped up the blood and cum. Then she lay still.

The phone rang. It was Annie. “Tom, I’m pregnant.” “So what are you going to do?”, I asked. “I going to have the baby. I don’t want you around though.” “Fine. How much do you need a month?” “About two grand.” “Fuck that.” I slammed down the phone. I couldn’t handle it. I got a beer out of the fridge. The whore lay lifeless.

I picked up the phone. “Mom, I’m gonna need some more cash.” “Tom, your father said no more.” “Tell that bastard I’m starving up here!” It was all pointless now. I’d have to find another job.

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