Thom Young

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 25, 2011

The Show

Damon showed up at eight. Adrian had a bag of dresses. “I brought three of my favorites. They’ll cling to your ass.” Adrian led Damon outside to his car. “This is just my everyday ride. I keep the Jag at home. Tonight is a private show. It’s simple. You’ll just model the dresses. I’ll do the real work. You’ll make about a grand.” “A thousand bucks?” Damon couldn’t believe his ears. “Yes. You’ll be part of the audience. The prettiest girl there.” Damon thought it sounded strange, but the money was too much. Adrian sped towards Chinatown. The place is back here. Adrian parked, and led Damon down an alley. The sign flashed Stark. Adrian knocked on the door. Luan Lee opened it, and smiled. “Best customer. Welcome. I see you bring friend.” “This is Damon. He’ll be part of the show tonight.” “Come in. It ready in back room.” Adrian pointed Damon down the hall. “Change into the green dress. I’ll meet you in a minute.” Damon went inside the room, and slipped the dress on. It was a little tight, and looked ridiculous. Adrian brought some red high heels. They cramped Damon’s feet, but he got them on. Adrian came in wearing nothing but a leather thong. He had a small whip in his hand. “Send in the actors!” Two naked ladybodys came in. Damon tried to turn his eyes. Adrian began touching both, and started fucking one. “Pose Damon! Pose by the window! Let me see those heels!” Damon felt a darkness enter the room. Adrian yelled in a fit of rage and passion. He slapped each whore in the face. Adrian used the whip on their asses. “Pose Damon! Pose Damon! Pose!” Damon tried to leave. The door was locked. Adrian pulled out a knife from under the bed. He started cutting the whores. The blood ran everywhere. Damon screamed, and tried to kick down the door. “Pose Damon!” Adrian put the knife to Damon’s throat. “You didn’t think the job would be easy! You’re never getting out alive!” The blade ran across Damon’s throat. He fell on the floor. Damon saw an angel. She smiled, and took him away.

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