Cam Damage

Introducing, the un mistakable, Cam Damage! Thats right ladies and gents, we have tumblr royalty on HST as of now. Cam Damage has pretty much the greatest online ass since that Keyra Agustina chick and im absolutely THRILLED to see her rocking the old Pink n White Guernsey. And GIFS! YEAH!? I know right? Fucking GIFS! Shes a honey, she’s a down to earth rock star and she tumbles like a mad woman. Best let her speak for her self i suppose –

“i’m Cam (22), mostly and perpetually nude alt model, feral child, and time waster-extraordinaire.  i enjoy proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. sit and enjoy gratuitous nudity and unnecessary vulgarity; posted by the bored, for the bored. site extremely (and obviously) NSFW. talk at me. take pictures of me. don’t slip rohypnol in my beverage. “

But if thats not enough, the photos speak in volumes, Miss Cam is a god damn super star.