Ed Campbell

“I don’t do what I do for anyone but me. I grew up painting and drawing in all the traditional ways, but lost my taste for it when my family would promise my art to friends and family, never giving me time to express myself in my own way. So one day I took all of my art supplies and burned them.

Also at a young age, I discovered Playboy magazine…way before I understood what any of it meant. I looked at the photos as art, not as sex…then lost interest when I realized that what was in those magazines was not reality at all…and it wasn’t until the Suicide Girls website came around that I started to appreciate the art of women and nudity. So I dug out my camera and started shooting…but not like Playboy, more of what I found artistic and beautiful about women…then I covered them in gore and blood…that is when I found my niche.

I love sick and twisted shit…and women that have their own look…girls that own their outward appearence. That is why I shoot the way I do. I find models that I find interesting and sexy in their own way and base the theme of the shoot off of each girls personality. My photography company, Rebel Image Photography, that consists of me and my girlfriend Farrah aka Living Dead Doll, doing hair and make-up. We make a pretty good team. We get a lot of paid work doing pinup and boudoir…but almost always turn our clients into zombies, or just cover them in gore.” ~ Ed Campbell [goregasmgirls@gmail.com]