Faye Finegan

From the brain of our mad bastard brother, Adam Shirling at Drunken Absurdity.com, let me be the first to say HOLY SHIT.  Cranking up the ampage and bring the sexy zombies back from the dead, Faye Finegan rocks the pink, white and blood red in a brilliant edition to the growing list of HST GIRLS.  LOVLEY!

“A stripper tragically bit by a zombie in an old, abandoned New England mental hospital dies, then wakes up in a dirty basement hospital room. She gets up from the bed, gazing in disbelief at her new horrid form in the old vanity mirror. She tries escaping through a dirty window, but finding it locked she puts back on her favorite stiletto boots, and escapes the front door. She finds herself lurching the woods, stopping to lick blood from her fingers. Finally, she makes it through the woods and begins to descend on an unsuspecting suburban neighborhood”

Photography: Alex C.

Make-up, set design, lighting: Vulgar Expressions Entertainment (http://www.facebook.com/veentertainment)