Jane Lee.

Dudes, as a very special Christmas gift from me and all the crew at HST i bring you a touch of Genius. One of them rare moments when every thing seems like its gone to pot, but some how, with some luck; you escape with a true glimmer of sunshine. Ben Hellwig, the beautiful human being behind Nerd Photography and the EXTREMELY beautiful Jane Lee made pretty much photo orgasms with the newest edition to HST girl family. In comfort of my own home and gimp mask, we ended this year with arguably one of the most commanding series to grace ya screen.

As always big thanks to Larry Boxshall for getting it all on film (await this DVD with baited breath), Sam Cooke for doing his thing and the love of my life, D’Arne Jamieson for putting up with me.

Thats enough from me, im pissing off to Malaysia for a couple of weeks, will be back on the 9th. Seriously, so much fucking love to all you dudes for have submitted, sent in photos, leave comments, spread the word and showed your mad support, its really humbling and we cant thank you enough. Best wishes to you and yours over the holiday break and be safe – Next year, we are going to fucking SLAY them.

Introducing, Miss Jane Lee.