Miss Aadie Lee

Check,Check, Check out the sweet fucking ride of the one and only, Aadie Suicide.  Ew, rhyming poetry in my intro’s now, i really gotta stop drinking.  But you and i both know you creeps arnt here for my intros. So feast your eyes on the short but so insanely sweet set from Miss Aadie Lee. Keep your low brow eye lids peeled for an up coming shoot with Aadie and Georjah in the very near future!

Photographed by the brilliant Vince Hemingson who runs one of the internet’s largest and most popular tattoo-related websites, http://www.vanishingtattoo.com (twenty million visitors a year) and Is passionate about collecting and recording the history of tattooing, from traditional indigenous styles to the latest trends within popular culture.You can see more of his work here.