Miss Julia Sin


Well, Well, Well…  We find our self’s again at a cross roads in our lives.  Not just literally (physically), but metaphorically, practically; stupidly…  I have teamed up with a man who is not just creatively insane but actually clever enough to pull of some of the wildest shit i am yet to see.  Viktor Farkas is  the most insane fucking foreigner i have ever met and its for these reasons we jell. We are the same kind of creeps from the same kind of creep pod.  Shit like this is funny to us, its Art jim, but not as you know it.  This shit is FUN and it gets us out and loose.  It lets us be stupid and get drunk and enjoy each others company… But Jesus CHRIST it MEANS something. Its something. IT MEANS SOMETHING to us.

Now, with that said – this series DOESN’T viscerally or necessarily  mean we are trying to say *deep breath* – All woman are plastic and repressed by an evil male regime of misogynists, all females are sex objetcs, men have no fetal boundaries, i want to fuck my mother, baby tomattos and capsicum are picnic foods,  pregnant woman shouldnt drink non alcoholic champagne, abortion is funny, Ben John is a narcissist who feels he should be born from all women, north korea and horror sleaze and trash are communist allies, I have a problem maintaining an erection or ANY other thing you fucking weak ass whingers can come up with.  This is fucking fun times man, FUCKING fun times.  Good craic and this is just the beginning of a VERY wild year for me and all the HST crew.

Bring the fucking pain baby, this year we get REALLY stupid. Vik, pleasure as always to work with you my mate.

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Viktor Farkas : Bred, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Studied photography. Moves to Melbourne to get down on life. At night taking beautiful photos for a sad world, during the day cooking beautiful food for the same sad world. Enjoys long walks on the beach, eating steamed broccoli, black sesame ice-cream and writing bios about himself in third person.

FULL SET HERE – http://www.horrorsleazetrash.com/hst-girls/miss-julia-sin/