Miss Leah Hodgson

Leah Hodgson and HORROR SLEAZE AND TRASH strap on the pink ‘n white roller skates for a blast into the tattooed past.

With the sun down and the beers flowing, Leah rocks the socks off HST GIRLS with a sultry shot at Milkshakes, mannequins and me being an all round creep.  From the toilet to the front window, its nothing but sexy and smooth.   Regardless of how drunk and hung over we were, there will always a warm place in ours heart for a pair pretty feet under a set of rainbow stockings.

Big love to the HST crew on the day:  Michael Christian (Resident HST shooter), the Kiwi Camera King, your a fucking god send and i got nothing but love for you. Leah Hodgson, You trooped through the set like a natural (and the hangover!), check out the length on the legs! Love ya work, thanks a bunch and keep knocking em down.  Wild Adam and the whole crew from Side Show Tattoo’s for letting us get nutty in the store after hours, couldn’t really have had a more rad and pin up looking set, cheers! Larry Boxshall, my main squeeze, you crazy mother fuckers better be ready for this HST GIRLS DVD, its going to be a killer.  Lou Lou Parsons for the dopest roller skates in Melbourne and as always D’Arne Jamieson for the after shootlasagna.  Your pretty much the raddest human around.

Shout outs to Joel Boyd for the pimp status and wheelman for the day.


…And of course (in case you where dying for them), in the role of a true egomaniac, we share some of the out takes and Ben John Smith making sure you know he’s cracking up.  Some people keep telling him to stay out of the photos; and he is pretty much all like – suck. my. dick.  At least you know where you stand with the HST crew.

Window before i cleaned it. (with my clothes on)

Now this sucker is truly fucking horrifying!

Until next time you creepy wierdo’s!