Mr and Mr’s Creep.

Ahhhh, Well! I truly believe its never a good HST shoot unless all the involved members of the proceedings need a good long shower afterwords and have a long hard look at them selves the next day.  This is absolutely no exception to this rule. In fact, i feel that Mr and Mr’s Creep have stepped up a bar.  Pushed the envelope of self satire. Proved the proof of the custard is in the eating.

  I crashed my car before we picked up the photographer, our videographer took matters into his own very professional hands (bless  him) and  drove us the rest of the way into the wilderness of outer Melbourne.  I’m blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful people and i thank you for probably saving our life that day. (*editors note, i think i let the crew down when i nearly vomited after my beard sucking scene, but for real, that is some srsly gnarly shit…)

Photos taken by the insane, and i mean that literally, one and only Viktor Farkas who’s work can be found here;

Viktor Farkas : Bred, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Studied photography. Moves to Melbourne to get down on life. At night taking beautiful photos for a sad world, during the day cooking beautiful food for the same sad world. Enjoys long walks on the beach, eating steamed broccoli, black sesame ice-cream and writing bios about himself in third person.

Watch this space cause this is just the beginning of what i feel might be a real explosion of insanity from our new friend, who we welcome to the HST family with open arms and sweaty onesie hugs.