Sinapsi – Shoots Miss Ilaria

Sinapsi is the visual version to Miles Davis’ “The birth of cool”.  There are little apologies in his shots, which offer so much personality, not only of the photographed, but also of the photographer him self.  The world “style” is often thrown around with out much weight but the constantly framed, edgy and at times bleak images of  Sinapsi’s woman and their surrounds is both fresh and abstract.

Its really a benchmark for me as the EIC of HST, that a man, whom i have such a high level of respect for, would consider using my pink and white as a inclusion in his works.  And to be placed on the skin of a woman with such pose, naturally beautiful white skin and a striking gaze is an unheard of achievement in its self.  I’m both blessed and thankful. And probably very spoiled.

We conversed while organizing this shoot using translators, but his images speak to me in a language that doesn’t even exist yet, and you can only feel in your toes when orgasmic or when your really high in the air.  Its not to be contained in a label, or categorized, this style of photography is very simply cool, in every be bop and high tail sence of the word.  Sinapsi and Ilaria are a pair of extremely cool cats and i couldn’t be more humbled by having them join the ever growing HST collaborative.

With a breath of fresh air, ladies and gents –

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