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A group of young determined filmmakers, willing to go too far to get the best reactions from their actors, venture down a self-realized path to greatness. As they get to their final shoot location, the cast and crew become terrified, the two filmmakers realize something has gone horribly wrong and they’ve lost control of their own set… or have they?

Story Line

“Abhorrence” is a vintage campy horror film, which takes place on Halloween in the 80’s. The story is based around 3 characters, Megan, Chris, and Kyle. The film starts off as a beautifully vintage piece horror film that is extremely suspenseful, it will leave you holding on to the person next to you but in the second act of the film, hell arises after the characters play with a Ouija board. Nothing was supposed to happen. Everything from here takes a turn for a conclusion filled with suspense.

The film then turns into what is supposed to be “real life events.” The director and cinematographer are then revealed including the set. From there the cinematographer is running around the cabin looking for the crew, but finds nothing but dead bodies and a presence of a demonic spirit. He panics and ends up lost in the woods. What will happen to the director of photography? What will happen to the production?

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HST catches up with writer, producer and director Rudy Gold for a chat about the up and coming shit storm.

HST: Tell me a little about your crews dynamics, you been friends since the day?

RG: The hommies in my crew are nasty, and pretty nuts. We pretty much live by the saying “Go Big, or Go home.” I guess you can say we are balls to the wall for our passion for the “GRIND.” Christian one of my good friends is associated with Gold Standard, which is our production company. He is our in house producer. And when he is not working on Film stuff he is Djing around Los Angeles as FUNKYGRAFFISH. Adam Lopez we meet through an audition we had for Abhorrence about one year ago. And he has been a great asset to the team. You can see Adam Lopez at work on a gnarly short horror film, “2:22” and his up coming feature film “Subprime.”

HST: I like the craigs list joke onthe trailer. I know its a bit chumpy of me to put you on the spot like thi, but do you have any good stories from pre production? any thing sexy, any thing funny, any thing insane?

RG: Haha that’s funny that you ask because I have been thinking about this question for a couple of days now, but I figured if I were to ever talk about the shit that goes on behind the scenes of our biz I might as well say it to HORROR SLEAZE TRASH.com, right. Well as you know by watching the concept trailer there are two cute blonds, and lets just say one of them fell on my cock the other FUNKYGRAFFISH hooked up with. I actually had meet her way before I wrote the film and thought to myself, shit this women’s hot being that I am a sucker for blondes, so about 5 months after I spoke to her about the film I new at that point she wasn’t serious about acting so I text her and asked her to come by my house for a drink and well you know, things went exactly the way I wanted them to.

HST: Is this a gore flick, or more Hitchcockian in its frights

RG: Abhorrence is more of a Hitchcockian film. I would rather scare the audience with their own imaginations, rather than CGI or tons of Blood and guts, not that I don’t like blood and guts. Its just the style I wanted to use for this film.

HST: It would be difficult to ignore the cloverfield/blair witch syle production. Is this a parody, or are you going to make it your own?

RG: Good question and just to set the record straight the concept trailer is junk, I cant stand it but it was necessary to get the ball rolling. I feel that the concept trailer does my script no justice, but now that we have real money you will be seeing a completely different product, but to answer your question, it’s not a parody. I will be making it into my own thing. Obviously I am a product of the late 80s and 90s therefore I will be taking some elements from films such as Blair witch project and campy ass horror flicks from the 80s. I tell all my buddies that Abhorrence has an 80s vibe with a touch of the 90s for today’s audience.

HST: How hard is it to do this independently? The juice is worth the squeeze right?

RG: Bet your ass the juice is worth the squeeze, but the truth is that anything you do that you love is worth the pain and heartache. I think anything you do in life is difficult, but then again I could only speak for myself.

HST: Obviously its art imitation life, its a brave sub genre – portraying a movie within a movie, the reality lines ever blur?

RG: I don’t think so unless we have been binge drinking for weeks haha!

HST: haha, fucking ay, that’s what i like to hear.  How was the audition process? As cringe worthy as American Idol?

RG: Well I originally casted about a year ago and I learned that the cast that we casted was too green and practically almost ruined my film. So I will be going through the pain and suffering of recasting again within the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately I don’t think that casting is the most fun especially when you have to sit through horrible acting.

HST: How much has social media, including shleps like us, played in the funding and promotion of the joint?

RG: actually socially media has been a great tool and has help us get our work out to some very important people, such as horrorsleazetrash.com for example.

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