Amy Mathews – Cartoon Pink.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 2, 2011

HST chatches up for a open and interesting chat with Amy Mathews, Creative genius behind some of the most sultry and sexy erotica on the internet.  View more of her Uncensored work here. Now enjoy some wicked flicks and tongue licks – its what you came here for, isnt it?

HST – As a woman, have you encountered any in difference as a erotic artist, or is the interest entirely different?

AM – I haven’t really encountered any indifference so far. I’ve found that a lot of other women enjoy my work, which is nice. My main goal in creating CartoonPink was to provide an alternative to a lot of the cartoon porn that’s out there. I wanted to create something that was explicit but sweet, sexually graphic but still cute. Fortunately, that’s been something that other people have liked too.

HST – Kind of a staple question i ask to all our lowbrow artists, Crumb would often masturbate to his works, is there any element of sexual pull to you and your creations?

AM – Oh, absolutely. I certainly use my own sexuality to fuel my work. I only draw what I find to be arousing, so everything that I create has a sexual pull for me. I paint what turns me on, and it has to begin with that. That’s the fun part! I don’t think I’ve ever masturbated to my own creations, but I certainly have been aroused by reviewing my own portfolio. In fact, that was the test for me when sending you samples for this article. The ones I picked are the ones that get me the most tingly 🙂

HST – I feel personally, that toon art, and id like to go as far as toon porn, is having some kind of underground and cultural explosion. Or perhaps because of the internet and social networks, im just more awear of it, as some one who has been in the game, what do you think?

AM – I think all sorts of fetishes are becoming more and more accessible. Porn, in general, is just easier to come across (pun intended). So, that includes cartoon porn as well. I’ve seen lots and lots of cartoon oriented “art” and it’s probably just a generational reaction to pop culture. Cartoons have been around since humans could draw on cave walls, but they haven’t saturated our consciousness like this before Walt Disney put animation on the map. Animation has ceased to be a novelty and has become a staple of our entertainment diet, so it makes sense that artists are reacting to that, and using that as fuel for their work…or sexual fantasies as the case may be.

HST- Why? Why are toon images so powerfully sexy? Is it, say, the ability to create something “to order” or is there some connection between art and the subliminal innocents of the “cartoon”

AM – Yes, I think it is the “made to order” aspect of it. There’s only so much Photoshop that someone can do on a photograph of a model before it looks…wrong. We know that cartoons aren’t real, and we enter into that just accepting that fact. So, if you don’t have a hang up about that, then the sky’s the limit when it comes to viewing an image that you enjoy. My goal with CartoonPink is to create images that turn me on, and having the freedom to do that with color and line is empowering. I was unsatisfied with much of the cartoon porn that was out there, simply because I didn’t like the character design or the subject matter. Different people find different things attractive, so I’m not knocking other artist’s works…it’s just that I was having difficulty finding images in that field that I really liked. So, I decided to create my own. That’s probably the “power” in toon images; the fact that they can be created and customized to such an extent as to create what the artist feels is perfection. It really does have to come from the passion of the artists, though…I wouldn’t be able to bring another person’s fantasy to life if I didn’t enjoy what I was creating.

HST- Biggest influences? Artistically or Muse wise?

AM – I really like Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa’s Skydoll graphic novels. She’s super sexy and cute at the same time. I also drool over the work of Massimiliano Frezzato. His paintings are just brilliant! Of course I’m also inspired by traditional animation as well as what Pixar has accomplished digitally. As for muses, there’s an expansive wetland of porn out there which provides constant inspiration. I really like Peter Hegre’s work, as well as FTV Girls, Sapphic Erotica and X-Art. It’s the combination of experienced photography (with good lighting) and super sexy situations that get my wheels turning.

HST – Your work is so on the border of cute and abrasive that it often blurs. Any limits? and why are the two so symbiotic to each other, in your artwork i mean.

AM – I guess it’s sort of hard to say where that line is drawn for the viewer. Everyone has a different opinion of what is abrasive or offensive, so there’s always going to be someone who’s offended by a particular image. For me, it’s all about the subject enjoying what she’s doing. As long as the subject is having a good time, then I feel it’s all positive. I also really focus on the beautification of a situation, so no matter how extreme the sexual act may be, I put a lot of effort into making that scene look soft and sweet. That’s my person taste, and it’s where I feel that I have the ability to make a unique image.

HST – So your a sexually liberated woman first and for most, even before the art. I have had a few hate mails sent my way because i seem to be exploiting women in the HST GIRLS section of the page, what would your response be to that, i feel like i really dont have a leg to stand on, not being a woman my self.

AM – Well, my opinion is that as long as people are doing sexual things voluntarily, it’s not exploitation. There are always going to be those who have problems with sexuality (and the free time to write hate mail). I try not to put my energy towards that subject because it just ends up draining the creativity and fun out of me. The conflict will never end, so I just spend my time focusing on those who do enjoy my work and go from there.

HST – Ultimate Fantasy, and would it be drawable?

AM -Oh goodness, that’s a tough one. I don’t know that I have THE ultimate fantasy…they sort of change on a weekly basis. Hee hee. I suppose that I’m looking forward to technology catching up so that I can one day see my creations come to life. I’d like to make out with one of my own real-life CartoonPink girls in virtual land!

HST – Who would you most like to pose for you?

AM – There are sooooo many! I have to say that Aletta Ocean really makes me drool. She’s like the perfect woman and she already looks like one of my cartoons. It would be very fun to photograph and paint her!!

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