Ben Guy – HELM2

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 23, 2011

HST catches Ben Guy between painting and his new gallery openings for a chat about his new exhibition on now at the Collingwood Art Gallery.


HST: This is HELM2 right, how was HELM1 and whats the premis of the exhibitions title?

BG: HELM1 was great, lots of people dug the concept (which is portraits of children wearing helmets) which gave me more confidence to keep going.

HST: Is there actual people beneath your masks? Do you paint them with the intent of being some one you know personally?

BG: It varies, some of them are based on photos of myself as a kid, others are models posing for me (thank you meg, liv and jack!) and some are based on images I’ve found in magazines and online.

HST: Do you feel masked?

I don’t think so…I’ve always been fascinated by helmets…my favourite toys as a kid were all the action figures that wore helmets…storm troopers, gi-joe etc….the first thing I can remember drawing is a knight’s helmet…

HST: Fuck yeah, i dig that, but your work also spans landscape and australiana. Which works do you proffer to work on?

BG: Well the Australian work comes from being commissioned by the National Library of Australia to illustrate children’s books involving native fauna, really enjoyed it but hard work… the HELM portraits are what I choose to paint… as are the landscapes…

HST: You much of a drinker Ben?

BG: I enjoy a snifter of port at christmas.

HST: Haha, yeah right, i dont believe you for a second.  Greatest superhero to ever grace the screen?

BG: I think Nolan’s batman movies are pretty good…I also like the tv series with Adam West and the 90s animated series….I guess I like batman…

HST: just because i watched it last night, i know its been pretty toical, what did you think of Snyersfilm “Sucker punch”. You know, from one nerd to another.

BG: Havn’t seen it! Not too keen, looks like a computer game with all the cg stuff.

Check out Bens works here.

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