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by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 1, 2011

Chris Trenary has been pounding at the underground low brow scene for years with brilliant imagery and surreal styles and metaphors.  What follows was a interesting chat with a very interesting artist.

see more of his madness at Mister Christopher.

HST: I was trolling and I found your stuff on Perv Art, knew we needed to have a chat, is that a fair assumption of your work or are you heaps offended?

CHRIS: That’s pretty fair that you can group a portion of work into the perv art category. I’m not offended by that at all. After all, it is painting dicks and titties that has awarded me the greatest opportunities in my art

HST: Defiantly man, it always is what it always is. I’d say for me it’s a toss up between “I Can’t Really Smoke That Joint Out Of Your Asshole” or “Sex Sells, So Buy This Fucking Painting ” for your best titles. How much does the textual have in connection with the visual.

CHRIS: Titles have always been incredibly important to me in regard to my work. I kind of view the title and work relationship like a joke, whether the content of the painting is serious or not. You have your set-up, then you have your punchline. I see the painting as a set-up and the title as the punchline. The painting puts you in a mood, and the title re-assures the mood.

HST: I got the feeling there was something to it, the connections are definitely felt. You where a writer though, yes? Graffiti. There is a big connection there, right?

CHRIS: I still do write. Not as much as I used to, but I still get up. I’ve tried to quit a dozen times or so, but the pull is too strong. Put a marker in my hand and something is getting drawn on or fucked up.

I always had a fascination with graffiti. I remember taking pictures of it on family vacations when I was eleven with my thin, shitty 110 film camera. But I didn’t actually start writing until my senior year of high school. That “fuck it, I am going to paint whatever I want, however I want” attitude of graffiti has stuck with me.

HST: Ah, I know the feeling all too well, it’s a bloody beautiful thing fucking up the insides of a train. I’m a toy man dude, no doubt, but what’s with the Lego men?

CHRIS: Lego men just have that perfect blank stare. It’s funny to me to put them in a lewd or off putting context.

Chris' HST girl

HST: You mention John Waters as one of your influences, I saw him when he came down to Melbourne on his “this filthy world” tour and he said “To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about”. Would you agree with that on some level, or is it more shock jock?

CHRIS: I’m jealous, I’ve never had a chance to see him in person. I agree with him that bad taste is what entertainment is all about. Especially in America. Americans get a hard on for celebrity misfortunes and meltdowns. As soon as word is out about a nip slip or pussy shot, we are on Image Google searching for it. This country loves bullshit reality shows and awful celebrity news shows which are all in incredibly bad taste.

I view bad taste like Waters does. He didn’t film the things he did just because he new it warranted some shock value, he filmed it because it made him laugh. I don’t paint lewd things because it’s offensive. I paint those things because they make me chuckle.

HST: Haha, mark me down as a pussy shot googler too, that’s pretty much how this whole site came about, but I agree 100 percent chris. It’s his style that drives the influence, his approach. Any other artists you admire that arn’t specifically linked to the painting medium?

CHRIS: I would have to say Ian Mackaye is a giant influence on the way I do everything. I adopted his DIY ethic and attitude at a young age. I had a chance to meet him 2 years ago when he came through Wichita with The Evens and he was just an incredible humble guy. He is a person who has influenced a ton of people, but he manages to be so sincere with everyone he meets. It is such a unique quality that someone as important and famous as he is stays so sincerely down to earth and approachable.

HST: Ok, last waters question, I promise – Gotta admit, right, that even for a overweight, bald white dude, Devine was more woman that most…

CHRIS: Divine was one of a kind. RIP. John Travolta should catch a swift fist to the teeth for even trying to fill her role in Hairspray.

HST: How big into porn are you, I border on an obsession myself and I’m trying to find a happy medium – is your intake major?

CHRIS: I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with porn. I’d say I’m more of a serious fan. Some pornography is just incredibly entertaining. I am a huge fan of Japanese pornography. The premise of some of them are so ridiculous and amazing. It seems like there are two schools of thought in Japanese porn. One where the male is forceful and dominant and the female is feeble and almost victimized. I really don’t like that stuff at all, it makes me very uncomfortable. But then there is the pornography where the roles are switched. The females are incredibly dominant and the guys are just pathetic little things. I really enjoy that. It fascinates me. It’s such a bizarre culture. They film the weirdest sexual acts, but they blur out the genitals.

HST: Haha, I know! What the fuck is with that, I have wondered that myself man, what a trip out. Loosing teeth while biting an eel coming out of a dudes ass hole but his cock is on the blur, strange damn world man… What do you think about porn’s place in society at the moment?*

CHRIS: It is what it is. I wouldn’t dissect it to give it an important meaning. Porn exists so you can rub one out. But there are a lot of people who are making it a mission to dismantle the entire porn industry. They have an unjustified opinion of pornography’s place in society. It doesn’t turn you into a rapist or pedophile. That’s just ridiculous when studies have shown that pornography curbs hurtful sexual habits.

I’ll be the first to admit that the adult film industry is flawed. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I like it, I know that it can be exploitative.

HST: You have been described as “Tasteless”; asides from go fuck your mothers with a tuning fork, what else do you have to say in response to that

CHRIS: I actually like when people call me crass or tasteless. That means my work was effective. I paint what I paint because I want people to react. If people aren’t going to feel anything about my work, whether it be positive or negative, then there is no point in doing it.

HST: you a religious man Chris, to any extent at all?

CHRIS: Not at all. I was born and raised an atheist, and I am incredible thankful for that. I have been able to form my own morals and convictions based on common sense. No one and no thing told me what type of person to be, I do good for the sincere reason to do good. I think that is lost with religious people, they do good because of an ultimate reward in the end.

The reason I paint upside down crosses and goat’s heads is because I think Satanism is hilarious. It’s just such a ridiculous religion. Satanists are up there with Mormons and Scientologists in the realm of absurd beliefs.

HST: You did a milk and cheese dedication to Evan Dorkin, gotta say man, I would so totally fuck his and Sarah’s Super Girl, you ever jack off to a cartoon, I remember having the wildest crush on J Rabbit. Heard crumb would do it all the time…

CHRIS: Ha, I masturbated to a lot of different things when I was a teenager. I’m sure a cartoon was amongst the many things I focused my hormonal sights on. Jessica Rabbit though, I remember getting those funny feelings in my stomach when I was too young to know what the hell they were. She is just a stone cold fox.

HST: Stone cold rabbit, but yeah – im hearing you loud and clear good buddy. Been a pleasure Chris, cheers mate.


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