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by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 9, 2012

HST catches up with Cuyle Carvin and talks being DeNiro’s nude body double, on screen scarlet’s and his new up coming films!

Trailer for Terminal Legacy:

HST: How do you think the Horror genre evolving, in the wake of films like french Canadian “Martyrs” and “Human Centipede two”?

CC: I love it! The more uncomfortable a film can make audiences feel, the better it is. So many films rely on gimmicks to get scares. I think the truly terrifying films are those that play on our worst fears, fears that we don’t even necessarily know we have but when we see it, we feel it deep in our bones. These visceral horror films touch on subjects that some consider ‘taboo’ but the thing is – much worse happens in real life than in these films

HST: (With what i hope is no disrespect at all) Your films tend to be a close mix of humor/horror, fair assumption?

CC: I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on a nice lot of horror films. I’ve definitely done a few that have a mix of humor and horror, some worth watching and some to steer clear of. Most notably Alien Opponent – which actually comes out on DVD April 3. It’s a must see!

There’s a vampire film I did called Fog Warning which has a more serious tone and actually has a twist on the typical vamp film. I’m working on a film called Haunted Ship later this year which will be the kind of horror film we all know and love – a straight up scary ghost film.

HST: Alien Opponent DVD drops on April 3, it looks a shit load of fun.  Good times filming i imagine?

CC: One of the best experiences so far. The film is a damn riot. It’s completely unique and the violence is over the top. I always thought even before filming it that it would go onto some kind of cult favorite status. It hasn’t done that yet but I still think if more people see it, they’ll enjoy it for what it is. There are about 50 characters in this film and the majority of them die within minutes of meeting them – all in a very interesting death of their own. John Doolan, who penned the script must have had the time of his life writing this sucker. It’s a free for all. Brilliant work of combining the gore, horror, humor and on top of that poking fun at all the cliches in horror films.

(on the set of BLOOD MOON)

HST: What part in a past film, regaldless of Time, age or gender, would you have most liked to play?

CC: There’s been so many. But if anything – I would love to be a zombie. There’s two parts in particular in two zombie projects. I would’ve loved to be Sherman Howard’s part of ‘Bub’ in Romero’s original Day of the Dead in 1985. That’s one of the first horror films I ever saw and I fell in love with zombie movies then and also ‘Bib’. The new show ‘The Walking Dead’ which has just ended it’s second season, I’d love to play the character of Rick Grimes. I’d love to try my hand at surviving a zombie apocalypse. Oh and one more – I’d love to play Rudy – figure that one out.

HST: Any on set stories that are worthy of noting? I can imagine you have a fair share of tales to tell.

CC: Ha! How much time do you have? Man – the best stuff happens behind the scenes. It’d be tough to describe any of the madness of being on set without anyone knowing the full context of the situations but I have a good one I’ll try and do justice to. When I was first starting out as an actor in New York City I booked a photo double role on Robert DeNiro’s film The Good Shepherd. I basically was hired to be the naked stunt double of one of the main characters in the film because he didn’t want to show his ass on screen. I was young, needed the money and let’s face it – it was DeNiro.

I showed up on set in the middle of Manhattan, middle of New York City. There were thousands of people standing around and trying to get a glimpse of the movie making progress. It was January and about zero degrees out. I showed up on set and they put me in some warm sweat pants and jacket and shipped me out into a waiting van. I was doubling for a character in the movie who commits suicide by jumping out of a 10 story building and smashes down to the city street below. I was to be his naked dead body laying there.

I sat in the van until a guy came and got me and told me it was ‘Showtime’ so i walked out to the middle of the crowd and took my clothes off. I was bare ass naked in the middle of NYC. As soon as I dropped my pants I heard the crowds gasp and laugh – which made me feel horrible. The first thing that happened when i took my pants off was people laughed – that’s every guy’s nightmare. I had to lay down on the sidewalk, face up. After a few takes the director came over and told me i couldn’t be naked anymore due to certain nudity in public laws so they gave me this tiny little triangular patch of fabric to cover my junk.  Needless to say it was freezing out and made even worse that I was naked and being laughed at.  One of the worst days as an actor I’ve ever had – but still fun for sure.

(on the set of REVELATIONS)

HST: Your coloring book, the public service announcement.  You accept viral as a good form of media sharing. How important it the internet and maintaining a level of web exposure.

CC: There are literally a million better looking and more talented guys out there than me. And we’re all trying to do the same thing in this business. What I have that most of them don’t is a great web presence. I have to give a major shout out to Fred Grandinetti in Boston who does a fantastic job of getting my name and mug out into the social media world. My presence online between the many different venues like the coloring book, service announcements, charities and movie stuff is invaluable when it comes to getting me work or at least opportunities.

As more and more people rely on the internet for all of their information and spending more and more time online – it’s a necessity to be in front of people all the time.

HST: Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci is heading “Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman.”  I must admit I’m a Veronica fan. You must thank your stars for working with so many beautiful women, right?

CC: Nice! Veronica was a sweet girl as were all the lovely ladies on set. It was a tough film to get through. I had to spend hours upon hours sitting in a strip club full of beautiful half naked women dancing all around me. Of course my character in the film was gay. Seriously. What the hell?!

HST: How different is it working on a tv set, say like your up coming scenes in “The bold and the beautiful”, as a posed to a campy horror joint?

CC: The campy stuff is way more fun to do. The thing about the low budget horror flicks and indies is that the people on set are all there with a common goal – to make a good film, have a helluva good time, and do our best. There are no ego’s to deal with (most of the time), there’s not as much ‘time is money’ kind of atmosphere and the people are much more approachable.

Once you start to get in on bigger movies and TV shows, most of the luxuries of indie filmmaking disappears. It’s still fun to act but then you have to deal with the business side of things so much more – which honestly does take away some of the fun of what you’re there to do. Unfortunately, the indie and low budget stuff can’t afford to pay my bills most of the time so you have to just grin and bear the beast of Hollywood in order to eat. It’s all good though and a great business to be in, but the indie stuff is where the love is.

HST: You where Novembers Horror Movie Hunk of the Month in 2011, you little pants man.  Do you have a main squeeze at the moment?

CC: Ah yes, my younger years. The Horror Movie Hunk award was awesome to receive and a complete surprise. I’d love to win more of these types of things – hint hint 🙂

I do have lady friend but I try to keep discussion on that to a minimum. What I will say is that she’s a sexy villain in the horror film The Limb Collector.

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