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by horrorsleazetrash on October 20, 2010

HST squeezed in an interview with Girls and Corpses mastermind and all round talented sicko Robert Steven Rhine (aka Corpsy). It was a challenge to get him between being drunk, having honey’s sitting on his lap or directing the hordes of the undead.  From Belladonna blowing off a corpse to the white whale shoot, its a fucking interesting read.

HST: Corpsy, Damn fine to meet ya man, been a reader since early days. Main reasons being the models you bone bags juice up are usually a cut above the rest. Like playboy center spreads for Ted Bundy. But let’s be real, what are the gory girlys like on set, is it all laughs? You dudes ever get a bird who enjoyed herself a little too much?

Corpsy: Yes Ben, if you think of the girls like sides of beef they certainly are prime cut. The models all enjoy themselves immensely at our shoots… and sometimes too much… there was one memorable shoot with porn star Belladonna who got a little too frisky with a corpse. One thing led to another and she… well… blew the corpse. And I don’t mean blew ‘on’ the corpse. This was probably the first time this was ever captured on film and we decided never to show those photos or risk never becoming a newsstand magazine and ridden out of town on a rail.

HST: Haha, fuck yes! You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. Oh Belladonna, she so crazzzzy. You were recently anointed with the title “weirdest photo shoot of all time” for your shoot with Talisa Brown, “midget of mischief and mayhem” Lil’ Miss Firefly and Jackie “The Tripod Girl” Molen. Whats the ultimate shoot? Regardless of funds or moral boundaries; what’s your white whale?

Corpsy: Yes, here is a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot you are speaking about: here

Our ultimate shoot is being planned. It’s of a major celebrity who is dying and has willed his body to us to be on the cover of our magazine. When he is pronounced dead, we will have five girls and a photographer arrive at his death bed and, per his dying wishes and his last will and testament, photograph his corpse in bed with these five hotties. But our real white whale would be shooting with a couple of girls and corpses actually inside a whale — sort of a tribute to Moby Dick. But a dead dick. Now that would be a shoot!

HST: That would also be something I would buy, got me wondering now who the dead cleb is going to be – very fucking rock n roll of the dude/dudetee. You grabbed a gong at the Melbourne International Film and Video Festival for your brain child “Road Lawyers”, a post apocalyptic view of lawyers after a nuclear fall out. Do you have any new desire to get back in front/behind/inside the camera any time soon for another feature?

Corpsy: Yes, Road Lawyers was a spoof tribute to Mel Gibson’s Road Warriors. Little did I know that my film would lead to Mel’s drinking and push him over the edge. I actually won another film award in Australia, The Gold Cineman trophy (Best Movie Of The Festival) at the 2000 Melbourne International Film festival for my film “Vinnie and Angela’s Beauty Salon & Funeral Parlor,” as well. You Aussies seem to have a very dark sense of humor and I dig that. I’d LOVE to go to Australia sometime and go snorkeling for great whites. Hey, maybe I could shoot inside one of those too? Recently, we have been doing some music video’s for Girls and Corpses. Here’s the first one, an animated music video called “I’m Just A Crazy Fucked Up Bitch” sung by The Fabulous Miss Wendy: Here.

The second one is a compilation of crazy vintage horror images called “Bodies In My Basement” performed by The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns: Here.

HST: Damn man, you ever come down under, me and you are having a few beers, I’m buying. Look, no dicking around here; I’m just going to come out and say it. I think you fucking killed it. I don’t think necrophilia will ever be as mass produced and so god damn Sauvé ever again. Especially in the semi main stream media. Girls and Corpses. Pussy and dead dicks, I mean, the formula was there, right?

Corpsy: Necrophilia… suave?

HST: Well, at least a little red coated, right? Like Hefnerish; or something like that…

Corpsy: hmm, I liked it better when it was down and dirty in the cemetery but now we’ve made it legit and brought it out of the morgue into the mall. We are indeed “The first comedy magazine about death” and probably the last. The Huffingon Post, newspaper in America, voted us the #1 most ridiculous magazine of all time. It brought a tear to this corpse’s eyes.

HST: I can imagine. Your site has featured Harland Williams, who I will always fondly remember as the stoner, cop killing “fish”, in Dave Chappelle’s Half Baked, as well as George Romero. Anyone you encountered on your journeys that took offence to this madness? Are there any phonies out there?

Corpsy: Harland Williams was a gas to shoot with and really was into the actual alien we photographed. He tried to steal it and drive away with the extraterrestrial in his pickup truck. Harland recently made a movie about aliens called Fudgy Wudgy Fudge Face, which is just about the finest piece of cinema ever to come out of the Americas. Check out the trailer here. Yes, we have our share of detractors of Girls and Corpses Magazine. But anyone who tried something extremely different and dangerous will have those blocking them. The world tries to keep things normal until along comes someone like me who likes to push boundaries. So, we use our detractors as our corpses.

HST: I seriously couldn’t agree more Corpsey. Haters are going to hate. Takashi Miike said in an interview with you guys, “The audience doesn’t exist in my mind at all once I start shooting. The audience is not my enemy and I definitely don’t think that purpose of filmmaking is the destruction of taboos. It is self-examination.” In the sense of your audience, what’s your impression on this? Is it purely harmless satire, art, any excuse to get a horney honey in bed with a stiff one?

Corpsy: Takashi Miike is a bloody genius. It’s very hard to get an interview with him but our friend, director Eli Roth (Hostel 1 & 2), helped make it happen. And, yes, we are always happy to give a hottie a stiff one and we have girls writing from all over the world, sending nude photos, begging to be in the magazine (even though we don’t ask for nude photos, it is always appreciated).I have always believed in the phrase “If you build it they will come.” This magazine was a huge leap of faith for me — I mean what if no one wanted to read the magazine? What if no one could understand the big words in the magazine? What then? I mean, I tried working a normal job and that was a disaster.

HST: Fuck the daily grind, I’m in awe of your career choice. You said on your sites BIO, “We hope to someday make “Girls & Corpses” sound as natural as “soup and sandwich.” That’s a fucking world I want to live in. And call me bat shit insane but i think we are getting closer to that utopia every day. I mean the internet is like an asylum for the majority. Is G&C a philosophical attempt at that, uniting Death and sex?

Corpsy: My moto is “Don’t censor yourself.” There are plenty in the world who will do that for you. When it comes down to it, we are just an irreverent comedy magazine, but for some reason everyone freaks out when they hear the title, ‘Girls and Corpses.” Go figure. Sex goes with everything, so why not death. That’s the parody of the magazine, the idea of advertisers putting pretty girls next to everything to sell it. We just happen to put the pretty girls next to corpses.

HST: Definitely, I understand that completely, it’s what I’m trying to do with poetry, haha. I saw rotten in your links. Them mother fuckers are right off their tits. At least you put tits into the mix right. There’s a big difference between black comedy and morbidity. You got any limits? Any taboo’s? Is anything indecent?

Corpsy: Well, many people pick up Girls and Corpses Magazine and feel we are the most perverse fuckers of all time – but we don’t even have nudity in the magazine or very much gore. So, most of the fear of Girls and Corpses is in the eyes of the beholder. As far as what’s indecent, to me it would be people who take themselves too seriously. There’s a fine line between comedy and morbidity when talking about death — and that’s what makes the magazine so exciting is walking that knife’s edge with each issue.

HST: When I die will you put me in your mag with Sasha Grey and Lisa Sweet dangling from my rigor moti popping cock?

Corpsy: Uh… okay… I’ll see what I can do. And please have all your readers check out Girls and Corpses Magazine at:

HST: Been a god damn pleasure fella, give me a ring when you make it to Oz, I know some great titty bars and most the dudes in there are pretty much corpses. You will feel right at home.


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