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by horrorsleazetrash on September 10, 2010

Today, the first Sunday in September we the poetic hosts are thrusting our middle fingers to the sky and officially making the first Sunday Epic Rites Press Sunday.. Featured today is none other than Wolfgang Carstens the editor, and genius poetic founder of Epic Rites Press. His book “Crudely Mistaken for Life ” is a tour de force of poetic skill that you wont put down until the sun is coming up and your tears are spent and the bottle of Petron next to you is bone dry. He has surrounded himself with an enclave of talent; the best of the underground poets are featured in Tree Killer Ink an amazing monthly print mag that in the first year of print is torching the way to the next decade of poetry. Contributing poets: Rob Plath, John Yamrus, John Dorsey, Marc Hartenbach, Karl Koweski, TJ Jude, Jason Hardung and my other half Frankie Metro are just a few . They have published full length books : A Bellyful of Anarchy remains on the best seller list of poetry books and is in its third print to date. So stop on by and hear more from the master Wolfgang Carstens and some other featured middle fingers..only here with the HighDRA Syndicate

*the radio show*

ran longer

than the scheduled hour

i smoked two blunts

and drank almost two litres

of red wine

around the sixty minute mark

i was slurring my words;

by the end of the second hour

i could barely speak;

by show’s end

i was lobotomized

at some point i blacked out –

woke up later that evening

with my face buried in a bowl of popcorn

when my wife asked

why i had gotten drunk

so early in the day

all i could think of to say

was “it must’ve been happy hour

somewhere in the world.”

Poem by Wolf Gang.

Listen to the radio spot above or check it out here.

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