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by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 22, 2011

We men at Horror Sleaze Trash are capable swordsmen in our own right, but sometimes the well does run dry and we find ourselves looking for guidance. HST caught up with Krauser, a London based Pick Up Artist to discuss the PUA community, and the difficulties of seduction that face today’s modern man.

HST: I first became aware of the PUA community through reading Neil Strauss’ book The Game. Though I must admit I didn’t learn an awful lot from reading the book, since I haven’t had much with the ladies. However I leant the book to a buddy of mine, and thanks to that book he met his current fiancé. How do you view ‘The Game’, and his created a negative perception about Pick Up Artists?

K: I think the book is a great introduction to the game because he deliberately writes it to cover a broad range of theoretical schools, to tease the lifestyle, and to provide inspiration through the narrative of loser-becomes-hero. It was the second community book I read. However it’s far from perfect. I consider it a work of semi-fiction and if you look at his best successes (e.g. number closing a former playboy model who he never sees again) they aren’t actually very impressive. I did that within my first 6 months – not because I’m awesome but because numbers really aren’t hard to get. Noobs are fixated on numbers because in the past they often resulted in dates and sex. Cold approaching is so different.

I also don’t like how Strauss bends things to fit the narrative. He always had great music industry connections so always had lots of social value to bring that most guys don’t. It wasn’t such a big transformation to add some charisma and knowledge to him. He also ends the book the same blue-pill square that he started it. There’s no sexual reality in the book.

But overall, I’d still recommend guys read it.

HST: From browsing your site you spend a lot of time in Eastern Europe. I was wondering why this was. Is it because women in Eastern Europe are more aesthetically pleasing then their British counterparts? Or because Eastern European women are more open to conversation, since us Brits are quite uptight and uneasy about communicating with strangers?

K: Actually I spend no more than one week a month in Eastern Europe, and only began these trips with the RSG gang in July last year. By far the majority of my approaches are in London. That said, I do have a strong attraction to EE girls. They are so feminine and still accept men as men. The fact they put so much more effort into their looks and character than British women is a big factor too. EE women generally enjoy talking to men, even if not sexually attracted to them.

HST: The approach appears to be the most important part of a successful pick up, be it getting a girls number or even arranging a date. What is the common mistake that most men make when approaching a woman?

K: They have a bad vibe. Vibe carries everything, much more than any words. Generally the man is either too nervous, too drunk, or too entitled / angry. Any of these tend to throw his vibe off. It’s extremely difficult to improve your vibe – it requires lots of inner game work and lots of sets.

HST: Tell us about Rock Solid Game, and your London ‘Bootcamps’. To me it seems great that a bloke can gain confidence under the guidance of proven experts. Have you noticed that even if a client doesn’t strike gold, that at least they develop their social skills? The importance of someone feeling confident in their own skin, and being able to converse with pretty much anyone cannot be understated.

K: Bootcamps are both golden and worthless. The most important ingredient is the student taking responsibility for their own learning. They must be willing to give it a shot and do some approaches. Students who turn up and say “fix me” don’t get value for money. That’s why we don’t market ours as a magic pill. The plus sides are big: you get to see the method come alive in a way a book can’t explain, you can feel the momentum and the vibe of good game, and see lots of other people do it which persuades your subconscious that you’re not Weird Guy for doing it. I’d recommend every student do at least one bootcamp – whether it’s ours or someone else’s. Don’t expect miracles, just expect your horizons to open and a few tweaks to be made. Most of game is learned through the daily grind of set after set.

HST: As individuals we seem detached in the modern age, do you think that in the near future men and women will jump continuously from one ‘relationship’ to the next because of short attention spans and unrealistic expectations fuelled by a misplaced sense of entitlement?

K: We are near the peak point of this destructive trend, imho. It’s all predicated on feminism and socialism (this is a loooooong thesis I won’t restate here). But basically, both those collectivist trends have cannibalised their own base and will be replaced by freedom, capitalism, and a renewed appreciation of the beta male’s value. Game is an individualistic response to unfavourable dating conditions and will die out eventually.

HST: Do Rock Solid Game have many female clients, if so, then does their experience differ at all from your male clients?

K: We don’t teach women. It’s a completely different game with completely different goals. We don’t have that expertise. Generally speaking all you can say to a woman is (i) be younger (ii) be prettier (iii) be slimmer (iv) be nicer. Young women would massively benefit from taking the “red pill” of sexual market reality in their late teens, avoiding the cock carousel, and husband hunting from their early twenties.

HST: Your start in the community came from a long term relationship breaking down. You had a road to Damascus moment when you decided that your new hobby was to become a Pick Up Artist. Tell me about your early experiences in the field, did you get burned a few times, or ever get discouraged, or did you take to picking up women like a duck to water?
K: I was almost totally unsuccessful in the sense that none of the girls wanted to have sex with me, because my vibe was so bad, because my inner game was wrecked. However I got enough positive “social” responses from approaching girls that it inspired me to persevere. Plus I was desperate. To me there were no other satisfactory options to meet the women I like.

HST: Critics have argued that the process of Picking Up Women is demeaning. However from reading a number of your blog posts and watching your Field Videos your approach is gentlemanly and somewhat old fashioned. You take an interest in the woman; make them feel good about themselves and you listen intently to what they say. Is it a case that the art of being a gentleman has been lost as men become less masculine and more self obsessed?

K: What we call game used to be called “being a man” 70 years ago. Critics can go fuck themselves; I’m not looking to convert them. I believe that when a man sees a woman he likes it is the most normal thing in the world to go tell her and try to push the interaction towards dating and sex. Women want to be seduced by cool guys. However, women don’t like men who’d fuck anything, hence the importance of genuinely finding out who she is. Night-time SNLs are different entirely. Sometimes girls just want the sex.

HST: Do you ever feel that you’re over complicating the process of picking someone up? Have clients ever complained that the process is too complicated?
K: My method is more complicated than necessary because (i) I am aiming for the highest quality girls with the least slutty character, and thus you can’t just waltz it on them with just a smirk, and (ii) I am breaking it down into elements and then naturalising them so it doesn’t feel complicated when you do it. Is Roger Federer’s serve too complicated?

HST: Has there been a moment as a Pick Up Artist which has made you consider jacking it all in, and killing off Krauser?

K: No. I never doubted game existed, worked, and could be learned by me. My inner game wobbles are limited to impatience and the ultimate ceiling on results.

HST: If a client isn’t interesting, in that they have no hobbies, aren’t outgoing, then how would you recommend that they develop themselves more as an individual in order for them to display more value as a PUA?

K: High value girls do not sleep with low value men. A client MUST work on his value. “Game” in-set is just an efficient and directed way of conveying value you already have. The client needs to get off his arse and become a man worth dating. This does NOT mean money, fame, career success, or even top quality looks. It just means get a mission, get in reasonable shape, take reasonable care of yourself, become a nice person, and develop some hobbies. It’s not complex, but it is hard work.

HST: Some of your clients might be Pick Up naturals, but what happens if they choke when it comes to a second meeting, does Rock Solid Game help clients succeed with follow up dates?

K: Yeah, we teach the whole process of the human courtship ritual.

HST: Finally, you sound like a guy that lives his life one day at a time, embracing each moment as it comes, but what happens when a PUA finally finds ‘The One’, how on earth do they leave the addictive lifestyle behind?

K: [I’ll] cross that bridge when I come to it. I’m not convinced men are hardwired to find “the one”. It’s pushed so hard by society that I’m distrustful that it’s a natural urge. We’ll see.

"HST caught up with Krauser, a London based Pick Up Artist to discuss the PUA
community, and the difficulties of seduction that face today’s modern man."


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