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by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 18, 2011

HST interviews up and commer of the horror scene, James Cullen of the “My Pure Joy” hype.  I’m personally pissing my pants waiting to see this bad son of a bitch.

HST: Your the youngest dude on the circuit at the minute, as that a positive or a negative in trying to stamp your feet on the scene?

J: It has been an interesting road, I’m not gonna lie. If I ever said it was easy, I would be lying.  Luckily I’ve been able to push past the clouds of doubt about having a, then 18, now 19 year old filmaker direct a movie. I was lucky enough to live in a time where we can make INDIE films, although I doubt any big studio would pick up a film with a 4 year old boy getting stabbed in the opening scene anyway.  With this film under my belt it has been a lot easier to have respect from the industry though.

HST: Your old man one 3 Emmy’s for his writing and your mother a voice actress, i guess the industry was in your genes right?

J: Yes! I was surrounded by it my entire life so I guess it does run in the family, however they only worked in cartoons so I have no clue how I wound up in horror, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

HST: Why horror?

J: I guess I chose horror because it is the only genre that truley pushes the limits and boundaries of the audience. Horror can be anything. It can be real, or mystical.  There is so much creativity in the horror genre that it’s amazing. I watch a horror movie not only to be scared but also to go on an amazing journey and watch a lot of things die along the way.

HST: Favorite flicks?

J: I have Way to many to list. This is going to be a nightmare! haha this question always scares me. I own over 2000 dvds, so I’m a bit of a horror nerd.  But currently I am obsessed with Frank Hennenlotter’s films and almost anything from the 1980’s as well as Martyrs and the Inside.  I love ULTRA GOREY STUFF! So the Italian Sleaze and Giallo’s are right up my alley as well! So I basically successfully avoided that question?

HST: Whats the plot to your new feature film “My pure Joy”

J: The film follows Adam, a disturbed High School student. On the outside Adam appears to be a normal teenager, but underneath…his mind has been so rotted by trauma from his past and the gorey films he watches, that he has blurred the lines between reality and pretend! This prompts Adam to start killing people in similar ways to films he watches, making sure to put his own little spin on it. So we follow him in his dailey life for three days and see how he acts around his family, friends, and victims.

HST: You must sleep at night dreaming of corn syrup and fucking dead bodies! How did the mask come about, its a real fucking creeper.

J: Why thank you! Adam Hirbod designed that mask as well as 10 others similar to it. The mask took a few different designs but I finally chose that one. I wanted the mask to look almost human like, yet something a teenager could purchase and make.

HST: Any good story’s from set? Gimmie the juices!

J: I have two stories I probably shouldn’t be telling but I’m going to anyway.  The first actually occurred at auditions. We had about 2000 people submit to audition and we only called in 300.This being said, the auditions still moved along slowly. There was a guy who checked in and was handed his sides. He sat in the waiting room for an hour reading over the sides. After an hour we called him in.  He walks into the audition room and we all introduce ourselves. He immediately says “I read the sides as well as the plot synopsis and I see there is tons of profanity as well as violence and I read a dead girl gets raped in this! I want absolutely nothing to do with this filth.” The man then raises his hand and points his finger directly at me and says, “You should be Ashamed of yourself! How dare you try and make this film!” He then storms out. I started laughing and turned to the rest of my crew and said “You heard the man let’s pack up and leave.” Then my EP Jarret, who is also my business partner, said “You know we have that all on film right?”

So we actually had it all on film! haha so were gonna send that footage out soon 🙂

The other story was actually quite sad, but yet after the fact I found a bit amusing.  We were filming the kill scene of Tommy, the 4 year old, and we were covering him in gallons of blood as well as putting spfx makeup on his face for the cuts.  The kid was DRENCHED in gallons of fake blood and he looks up and goes, “Am I really dead? Is this real life?” One of the Crew members assured him he was going to be fine and that it was all part of the movie.  Nathan, who played Tommy,  then looked up at the camera and started crying and screamed “WHY WOULD HE WRITE IT LIKE THIS”

So I guess I’m a little to demented for my own good. Nathan is fine by the way. He was happy right after the shot.

HST: How did you get the funding for this mad man?

J: Well I lucked out with a producer like Jarret Cohen who saw something in me and the script and decided we had to do the film, so he invested.

HST: Any moral limits on how far you can push the shock in a film?

J: Interesting that we stop on question number 9, I have a strange phobia of it. Anyways I think film is an art form, and as an art form it shouldn’t be censored at all. Choose what you want to watch or not watch, as long as it isn’t real or hurting anyone it should be allowed.

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