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by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 1, 2012

HST: Been a while since we last spoke and thing seem to be hotting up, whats the low down with the new Tank Girl Series and when can we expect the full feature

JM: Yea, I teamed up with original Tank Girl co-creator and writer Alan Martin to do the new 3 issue mini-series ‘Everybody Loves Tank Girl’. Originally, we did it for French publisher Ankama, and then Titan Books in the UK put out the English language version. It was so fun to do! The first two issues have sold-out everywhere. #3 drops on Oct. 3rd, I believe.  And the collected graphic novel comes out in January.

HST: From Playboy to Heavy Metal, which has been the best experience you have had through working with the giants of the industry

JM: It’s all been fun and diverse for me. I couldn’t name just one experience. I have done gigs ranging from super-corporate to the most underground DIY shit you could imagine. I like staying diverse, it keeps this hustle exciting.

HST:  Jay and Silent Bob recently came to Melbourne and I was lucky enough to catch their show. The crowd of girls after them was mad, you getting a wild pussy chase or you locked into a relationship (if so, is she cool with the sleaze that comes with the game?)

JM: Word, there are always tons of girls and cocaine and shotguns and shit around. Disco demonic barbeques and lowrider taco trucks with sharks and spray paint cans. We like to keep it weird out here. For reals.

EVERYBODY LOVES TANK GIRL #1 Behind The Scenes Video from the Indie Workforce on Vimeo.

HST:Side B, Just ordered my self a copy – what can I expect?

JM: That’s a fun comic book anthology where all the artists did stories about music or there favorite record or what have you. I did a story about Gary Wilson’s 1977 masterpiece, ‘You Think You Really Know Me’, which is one of the greatest records ever.

HST: Did you meet ziggy Marley while working on Marajuiana man? What was that like?

JM: Oh yea, Ziggy is the best. Such a pleasure and an honor to work with him and the Tuff Gong family. We had a great working relationship, we saw eye to eye on almost everything with the ‘MarijuanaMan’ book, and he let me cut loose and do my own thing. It was awesome.

LA INK STAINS T-SHIRT BONUS VIDEO!!! from the Indie Workforce on Vimeo.


HST:  How is the reception to the pod cast? Kidna nice to have a new medium to work with as aposed to the pen and paper?

JM: Yea, I like it a lot. It’s a fun way to share my record collection and do something different. My friend Jane Dope and I hang out and party, play records, and that’s basically the show.  People can get it for free at http://thebeatbeesessions.libsyn.com/

HST: Just out of curiosity, was the bed head range a commission or a personal project?

JM: That was a full-blown legit freelance illustration job. The Bed Head people are mad cool and let me go nuts and rock my weird style on their products. Those are the best kind of gigs, when the client digs your work and let’s you do your thing.

HST: You ever going to get down under for a beer dude?

JM: I’m ready to hit Australia! Let’s do this! Someone tell one of the comic book convention promoters that I want to come over and be a guest or something…

HST: Whats up next, MTV series?

JM: Yea, me, Scott Mosier, and Joe Casey are doing an animated show called ‘Disco Destroyer’ for the relaunch of Liquid Television over at MTV. Titmouse is doing the animation and it’s going to rock!! Coming in 2013. Updates and all that jazz at my site, www.jimmahfood.com


EVERYBODY LOVES TANK GIRL – issue # 2 promo featuring JET GIRL! from the Indie Workforce on Vimeo.


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