Justin Grimbol Interview.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 27, 2013


People call him Buttcrack. He’s in his early thirties and he’s re-enrolled in high school. The other kids think he’s a creepy loser. One day a kid asks him to buy beer for his party and Buttcrack figures this is his chance to fit in. But he loses his wallet and the lady at the liquor store won’t sell him booze without an ID. To make things worse, his girlfriend won’t help and a group of crazed rednecks keep harassing him. But he’s a man on a mission. He’s determined to party with teenagers. No matter the cost!


THE PARTY LORDS. Its like Sixteen Candles got dry humped by Deliverance. And somehow had a baby.


In “drinking till morning” your protagonist was a literal extension of your self – Who, if any one is closest to you in “Party Lords” –

Buttcrack? Ralph, Tabone and Buttcrack are all versions of me. When I was young I used to be an uptight, awkward pillow humper, just like Ralph. I can be a cocky jackass just like Tabone(part of me wishes I was more like Tabone) and I’m a sappy hearted, lecherous man-child, just like Buttcrack. Put all these rowdy asses together like Vultron and you get Grimboli.


Who designed the cover? Fucking interesting flavors dude!

Prunty designed the cover. The cover photo is by Dorothy Bhawl. Yeah, I love the way the book looks. Its colorful and rowdy and trashy and fun. I like the dick in the background. I love when people draw dicks on things. My buddy Gorcoff would draw dicks on my minivan. He just quickly scribble a big one onto the dust on my dirty ass minivan and then I would drive around all day not knowing it was there. Good times.



Saw your party photo promo on your site – Eileen Shepard giving R Crumb a piggy back ride. If that doesn’t win this fucking game is rigged.

Eileen definitely won. Nobody had a chance after that picture went up. I grew up reading Crumbs comics.  He’s amazing. We have the same taste in women. Big butted ball busters. God love em.


Im not one to be a mood killer, and as an aging part animal myself, is the party ever over for us as we get grown, or will we always want to party with teenagers?

I don’t drink as much as I used to. But that’s just cause the classic drinking and drugging got boring. I think it’s important to always have a part of yourself(for me it’s a really big fucking part of myself) that stays teenaged. The soul is eternally pubescent. It’s still growing hair down there. It still smells weird, has big boils on its chin and dry humps pillows.

God I love dry humping. It’s the best combo of words in the English language. And it’s a fun activity. Passionate. Dry humping is important. Stop putting it in and dry hump every once in a while. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I don’t drink as much as I used to. I spent the past year taking care of my step mother. She’d been sick for years but I had a feeling this was going to be the last stretch. So I moved close to her and my dad and helped them with random shit. Tried to make life easier for them. I got her water and food and I watched sappy movies with her. I cleaned. Made meals. After four months of this, got sick. We brought her to hospital. She was in and out of the ICU for a few months, then she finally told the doctors to stop putting the ventilator in her. My step siblings and I sat by her bed and waited for her last breath. The doctors told her that she would only last another hour or so. They were wrong. We sat in that room for over twenty four hours. We wept and got nostalgic. Eventually we just started telling each other funny party stories. My step sisters husband had some hilarious party stories. Really raunchy stuff. We were all laughing our asses off. It felt like a slumber party. Eventually I gave up on waiting though. I said my goodbye and she died ten minutes later.

I’m really glad I was sober for all that. It’s a different kind of adventure.


 You attended (did you graduate?) Green Mountain College, “and majored in partying”, give us one of your best “here hold my beer…” party memories.

I didn’t graduate. But, regardless of my sloppy nature, I did very well academically. But I dropped out anyway. I got caught smoking weed once. I was twenty five and I almost got suspended for smoking pot. Really embarrassing. They made me write a five page essay explaining why I wanted to stop smoking weed and be a more positive presence on campus. I wrote the essay. But it made me feel sour. College life had gotten so cozy. all I did was run around a flirt with hippy chick and got drunk and stoned and giggled a lot and read books. Lots of books. Life was leisurely. I was terrified of having that taken away. But then, after writing that pathetic essay, I felt differently. I didn’t want to be so dependent on comfort in any way. So I dropped out and started writing as much as possible.

But man, college was a good fucking time. I got lots of stories.

I met my wife at a naked party. It made for an interesting first kiss.

Then there was the time I took acid, then drove to the Hubberton Battle Field, and got my butt fingered.

My friend Murphy fed my fish beer once. AND THEY SURVIVED.

My friend Baily and I would get drunk on red wine and get all sappy and cry. Then we would head to a party, the jug of wine still half full, and we would hang out in the bathroom and rage it I there. That way you get to see people piss. Its fun to watch drunk people piss. Its intimate.

Oh and then there was nitrous. Future drug. I loved that stuff. Lots of giggling.

There was a lot of dancing. And nudity. And, since there were so many hippy girls, there was really good food.

Once some buddies and I went to this bar called THE HOGS BREATH. We got really drunk. We spit beer at each other, then we went outside and wrestled the way little kids do. All the crazed rednecks in the bar came out and stood around us and cheered us on.

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