by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 1, 2011

HST interviews Melbourne writer LUSH,through photos taken by himself as a response to our questions.  If LUSH isn’t one of the more deranged mother fuckers out there; he certainly is one of the most prolifically interesting.  Make sure you click the images for a bigger view!

Whats the story i hear behind you and Cope?

In your eyes the scene is full of hyped up, piss talking wankers, do you counter act that by making your work a parody of this?

How has the internet effected the scene. For the Writers and artists alike.

Would you side with cap in his idea of “more” is better?

Any dudes out there you really respect?

You have a new book of graffiti on girls, nothing like porn
and paint, right?

Best spot you ever hit?


How To Do a Graffiti Masterpiece from Zonk Vision on Vimeo.

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