Richard Avery Interview

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 26, 2012


HST catches up for a chat with Richard Avery, i know, i know – lets just say we got lucky 😉


You obviously have had some strong influences but managed to maintain something that immediately singles out a photo you have taken, do you know what it is that makes your work so constructed, yet so personal?

Wow!  That’s deep.  Let me say what I believe… For me its ALL about having fun.  The grrls bring to me their best and all I try to do is capture the fun in front of me.  I’ve been around, seen a lot, done a lot and I bring those experiences to everything I do and create.  I love grrls!!!  It’s an evil addiction!!  God, help me!



You are always pushing the ever changing digital mediums, what do you think of the more traditionalists?

I’m old school and started out that way.  I’ve worked with all kinds of cameras, techniques and styles.  I embrace them ALL.  No one is better than another and they’re all fun if you know how to use them.  It’s not what you have, but what you know.


“ageless and hip” have been words said by critics of your work.  How much does what the academic, art world think of you work effect how you shoot. Where you take your photography.

I was told a long time ago to create from what I know, what I love and what makes me happy.  I do what I know with all that I bring to my Juliland Universe.  I started to make me happy.



Financially I mean also, I imagine that its not just “all for the love” side of things, or is it?

Financially, I don’t even want to think about that.  I believe in doing what you love and following your heart in life.  If you work hard and do your best, things will work out financially.  I do know this, I focus on what I can control and what matters most to me.  The rest I cannot control.  I want everyone to join our sites, but that takes time & lots of work.  I believe we have a great site, worth the price of admission and we have fun!  What more can you ask for?



What’s your relationship with Juli and how has that effected your work?

Juli and I are still best of friends!  That will never end.  She is busy with her life.  We talk regularly and help each other out when possible.  Her loyalty, support, respect, and love is priceless.  I would not exist if it wasn’t for her vision or wisdom.  Simply put, she made me what I am today.  🙂


“good chef, lover and sickest fuck she has ever had” – thats not a bad combination, are you currently in a monogamous relationship.

“I’m young and single and I likes ta mingle!’  That says it all.  Truth be told, I love too many and want them all.


What would be your idea of the perfect shoot and with who – dead or alive.

Another tough one!  My answer could get me in serious trouble with a few grrls.  They ALL think they’re my number one.  UGH!  Promise not to tell anyone?  I’m lucky to say I’ve had too many shoots with my favorites and still do.  Perfect shoot is simple: me, one of my good friends locked in a hotel for 24 hours and lots of champagne.  Oh wait, I did that last week and I’m doing it tomorrow.  I have too many to choose from and in the end, I have fun with them all.



What do you think of our selection of girls over at HST?

Again you’re trying to get me in trouble.  I love all women and in return they love me.  As long as they like to have fun and are nice, I’m good.  Did I say I like them naked?  😉



Any advice for the smaller dudes in the game?

Smaller than me?  I’m NOT that big.  I believe for every person that knows me and my work there are 10 million that don’t.  ALL potential fans, friends, customers and hopefully a few nasty fun grrls!  We are building our Juliland Universe one day at a time.  My simple advice is this… Be smart, have fun and look good doing it!


The new film side of your work is just my all time favorite , im obsessed. any chance of a feature?

I’ve directed ONE movie for Penthouse like 5 years ago called DRIVE.  It stars my BF Justine Joli and a few friends (Zoe Britton, Charlie Laine, Lindsey Meadows, Celeste Star and Kelle Marie).  They put it out and did nothing with it.  I’m proud of it and I believe it holds up to anything out there, but that’s just my opinion.  The trailer is on  I would love to do another because I have some ideas, but not anytime soon.



Just out of interest, your thoughts on the works of Harmonie Korine?

To be honest, not that much.  I’ve seen some, but do not pay too much attention to what others are doing these days.  I do not have the free time.  When I do, I sleep.  BUT I always believe that if he is doing what he loves and believes, then he fucking rules!


Whats up next?

You are killing me with these tough questions!  So much is up next… New sites, new ideas, new shows, more grrls, more sex, drugs and art.  MORE fun as well.  You just have to check in with our Juliland Universe and see…,,,,, and of course  Woo hoo!!!


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