by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 2, 2012

HST catches up for a quick chin wag with Saddo.  We let his work do the talking.

HST: How much has your cultural background and Romania affected you as an artist, if at all.  And in turn, what are your greatest influences and inspirations to work for.

RO: I think it influenced me in the sense of making me wanna get better, more professional in what I’m doing. Influences are lots, from the works of my girlfriend AITCH, and other contemporary  lowbrow/graffiti artists whose works I love, like Remed, Zosen, Other, 1010, Ekta, Jean Spezial, Os Gemeos, etc, to artists like Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Brueghel, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Victor Brauner,  Walton Ford, and many others.

HST: Your black and white art works are often more aggressive than your water color work, is this its intent?

RO: No, it’s not, it’s unconscious. Like most of the stuff I do. It also comes in phases, when I feel like drawing black and white aggressive stuff, I don’t feel like painting colorful nice dreamy stuff, and vice versa.

Q: Are you a religious man?

I don’t know, maybe. I don’t go to church or anything, but I’m attracted by religious and mythological imagery/symbolism/atmosphere/hieratic gestures,etc

HST: Your obviously very much influenced by the surealists. Rene Magritte famously said “To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout for what has never been.”  Do you agree?

RO: Yea, I probably am influenced, but not directly by surrealists, but more through surrealism’s influence on pop surrealism. And I don’t know if I get that quote, I mean, I can’t ever exclude what I’ve seen, I’m super influenced by everything, and I don’t think I can ever create something that has never been. So either I don’t quite get the quote or I don’t agree with it.

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