Sinapsi – No face.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 20, 2011

Sinapsi is an new age, Italian Photographer with unique style and brilliant wit, I was extremely lucky to hit him up for a few words. View more of his photography here.

Or view the no faces series here.

*Note: Interviewed through translator.

HST: Could you share some back ground information on your self?

S: I was born in Genova, I graduated in graphic design. Once out of school, I realized that it wasn’t for me. I ended up working at the port, as welder, work that i love, but then i met photography and and I have never stopped

HST: The masking of the face is obviously a very strong emphasis behind some of your work, what is your meaning behind this?

S: It was born by chance the “hide the face” thing, the first  reason was because of the naked photography, many girls prefer to hide the face in this kind of photographs

Then i was left with, and now cutting the faces in my photos is something that comes naturally to me and I like it, honestly I do a few portraits, I see that people like this and at the same time it creates anxiety.

HST: Not showing the face, does this give the models a little more freedom in a shoot?

S: Sure, a lot of models like this thing of not showing their face, both for the style of photos ,maybe a bit hard, and because, i don’t know, they feel  free.

HST: In your bio you also masked your own face, is relative to your work – or do you just proffer visual anonymity?

S: I like the anonymity. Is something that intrigues people, at least they ask themselves  a thousand things before contacting me. Especially now, i like that my face never show up. Is something that I care and want to keep it like this.

HST: Often your models are physically distorted into abstract shapes and shot in that form, Is that to show the brilliance of the female body, or is it something else?

S: I like when the body is always tight, when you see the bones, giving the sense of constriction and effort. I also like when the shape of the body is lost in the abstract

HST: Do you have a partner?

S: Yes, she is The tattooed girl that you can see in many of my photos, Ila  ( I want to thanks her for The help she give me in my photographic delirium and for her patience

HST: There is also some images of a man with a back piece, Japanese style, you also use bondage and rope ties in some of your work – is this cultural or visual? Actually Tattoos are often represented in your work, but not entirely focused on, is body modification big in your life?

S: Yes , it is something that attracts me. I’m also surrounded by many people with tattoo o body modification, and i could say that is part of me.

The tattooed guy is a dear friend, thanks to him for those photos, the tattoo is part of my life and however is also a reason why I photograph people sometimes.

About the ropes, the wire is something I like, I like that there is in my photos, mainly because I like to communicate something through my photos.

I like to see it in the photos I do not , I would never do such a thing. 🙂

Because i would get mad.

HST: How is your work most often received? have you had any resistance in the past?

S: This new work (nofaces) isn’t really appreciate , both for the fact that many people doesn’t like this “hide the face” thing , and  for the erotic level and insolence of the photos. But i go on, i can afford to do such erotic pictures, because I think I have a good technique and I’m able to shoot photos without being vulgar even when genitals are in full view.

In the “nofaces” project all the photographs are taken with a compact camera, and bare flash,  the results are very good-looking both for the quality level , and for the photos by themselves. I go forward, hoping to collect results and satisfaction from this work.

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