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by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 8, 2010

ABACUS is surely a big name for everyone interested in rock music. The band formed in 1971 made their breakthrough at the Germersheim rock festival, where ABACUS drew not less applause from the 300,000 visitors than PINK FLOYD, SANTANA or ELP which appeared on stage as well. In the following ABACUS published 4 LPs, of which the last 3 where recorded at Giorgio Moroder’s “MUSICLAND”. Because of the global record sales, numerous national and international tours, TV and radio shows ABACUS became a top act not only in Germany.

ABACUS delivered the same dense sound on stage as in the studio. Maybe that’s why they became a crowd puller for countless shows.

Musical differences about future record productions were among other things responsible for the break up of the band in 1976. Klaus Kohlhase, bass guitarist and motor of ABACUS revived the band in 1979. After a long search he found the players who helped to refine the sound of ABACUS.

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