Miss Lisa Dyball

Bwidow 01

This new shoot, fresh from the pumping red vain of creative creep Viktor Farkas , Comes a series of shots that i think gets its teeth right around all the areas of perfection. The story speaks for its self, Even the big fella Kevin is sucked in and seduced by the Beautifully deadly white widow spider, who is he newest member of the HST family, Lisa Dyball.

Feast your fucking eyes on this ripper, proud as a new born dad i am to be the fella that gets to knock around and rock this shit with all these clever people.  MORE MORE MORE.

I know its gloating but shit, that spider was made by me from wood off cuts, 2 10 liter buckets, 20 liters of glass flake resin and matting, 2 weeks and about 3 major melt downs that ended in me crying, pissing the bed and falling asleep sucking my thumb.

Big Vik has all sorts of brilliant stuff to hock here – Including VERY cool shirts http://www.cocoonjuice.bigcartel.com/

But if you the cheap skate kind hit up ALL his shiet here for free.

Big thanks to every one involved. You know we love you, you good people.

Bwidow 02

Bwidow 03

Bwidow 04

Bwidow 05 2

Bwidow 05 3

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Bwidow 05 5

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