August 4, 2016

Away till the 15th for my little sisters wedding in Queensland. Send subs through and ill get at it when im home and sober up. Enjoy your mother fucking creeps!

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Michael Zone

August 3, 2016

Michael Zone is the author of Fellow Passengers: Public Transit Poetry, Meditations & Musings and Better than the Movies: 4 Screenplays. His work has been featured in Dead Snakes, Triadae Magazine and The Voices Project. He scrapes by in Grand Rapids, Michigan and refuses to buy a car.   3 winters, plus now   Snow-blind […]

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Paul ~ “Customer Service.”

August 1, 2016

Paul’s short stories and flash fiction can be found at Out of the Gutter/Flash Fiction Offensive, Shotgun Honey, Thrills Kills & Chaos, Yellow Mama and Near to the Knuckle. All told there are about a bakers dozen of his tales of woe floating around the internet. Check out his blog, pgreenbergcrime.wordpress.com for more stories, reviews […]

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John D Robinson

July 30, 2016

John D Robinson was born in 63 in East Sussex, UK; his work has appeared widely in the small press and online literary publications; Red Fez; Bareback Lit; Dead Snakes; The Kitchen Poet, Underground Books; Pulsar; Poet&Geek; The Commonline Journal; The Chicago Record; Mad Swirl; The Clockwise Cat; Poetic Diversity; Your One Phone Call: Ink […]

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Tom Leins

July 28, 2016

Tom Leins is a disgraced ex-film critic from Paignton, UK. His short stories have been published by the likes of Akashic Books, Shotgun Honey, Near to the Knuckle, Spelk and Horror Sleaze Trash. He is currently working on a novella called Boneyard Dogs. Get your pound of flesh at http://thingstodoindevonwhenyouredead.wordpress.com   FAIRYTALES FOR HARD MEN. […]

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Belle Eyre And Cliff Harrison

July 26, 2016

Downhill EP by Belle Eyre & Cliff Harrison

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