Zoltán Komor

January 21, 2016

Zoltán Komor was born in June 14, 1986. He lives in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. He writes surreal short stories and published in several literary magazines (Kafka Review; Drabblecast; The Phantom Drift; Gone Lawn; Bizarro Central; Bizarrocast; Thrice Fiction Magazine; The Missing Slate; The Gap-Toothed Madness; Wilderness House Literary Review; etc.) His first English book, titled Flamingos […]

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Michele McDannold

January 18, 2016

Michele McDannold has an extensive collection of flannel and rubber chicken heads. She recently settled (haha) in the Northwest region of Indiana, following a short stint on the mean streets of Atwater Village in the city of Angels, California. Epic roadtrips all around, the Magical Jeep takes poetry everywhere. Michele was the Editor-in-Chief at Red […]

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Erik Wilson Interview

January 16, 2016

www.erikwilsonart.com HST: Hello Erik, Got a hold of you during your very popular “Bizzarro Writers” collection – looking great! How did this all come to fruition? EW: It started off as a bit of fun with Carrie (CV Hunt); she had a new profile picture and said it looked like a mug shot and I […]

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Willis Gordon ~ Banana Republican Redux

January 15, 2016

Fall fades to winter and one year gives way to the next; election season is in full swing again and the chain of fools has been polished to a shine that can blind you from 40 yards. I thought I had seen the worst of it with the Democrats in 2004, and then came the […]

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John D Robinson

January 14, 2016

John D Robinson was born in 63 in the UK; many of his poems have appeared in the small press and online publications; recent work has appeared in Bareback Lit, Red Fez, Dead Snakes, The Kitchen Poet, Mad Swirl, The Commonline Journal, The Chicago Record, Pulsar, Poet&Geek, upcoming poems will appear in The Clockwsie Cat, […]

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Doug Robbins

January 12, 2016

Doug Robbins is 27. He has been writing for as long as he could write. He contributes to the horror anthology Demonic Visions 1-5. He has self published several self published books and has short fiction and poetry published on various websites and small time presses. Doug majors in English in Springfield Ohio. He writes […]

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