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by horrorsleazetrash on September 5, 2010

Mike Meraz lives in New Orleans. He works at a grocery market in the French Quarter. He writes in his spare time. You can find his books here.


the electricity
goes out
and you go out
to your porch

the wind blows
in your face
the cat eats,

you write words


but no one
can hear you.

Frenchman And Orleans

watching Youtube
I have my favorites

Dave Chappelle
Beatles Documentary
Schizophrenic: Heather

I log into Facebook
and see people talking
through wires

I am anti-social
and in real time

I have time for no one
except maybe
that beautiful Spanish girl
I saw crossing the
street today
on the corner of
Frenchman and Orleans.

Living Block

I’m having a living block
I write all the time
but I can’t get out of bed.

my hair has grown long
and so have my toe nails,
there are bed sores
all over my body,
the roaches have
infested the place,
there are shit stains in my underwear,
my teeth are dirty,
but man,
I am sure turning out the pages!

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