A belated review: Lawrence Gladeview’s Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love

by HST UK on November 16, 2012

Published by Erbacce Press

This review is deliberately fleeting because this collection is decidedly short.

Lawrence Gladeview’s poems are addictive. By the end of this chapbook I wanted more. So, I re-read the book, again and again. I’ve been privileged to have devour numerous chapbooks and full length poetry collections over the last five years, and those of which I’ve enjoyed have shared several things in common. They contain poems that are sharp, accessible and display the writer’s wry sense of humour; and most importantly they cut out the frilly bullshit that often litters poetry. Gladeview excels in getting straight to the point.

See, I like my writers to be a tad scuzzy. I want to read about the nitty gritty; everyday details that many of us often neglect to acknowledge. It’s this canny eye that makes Gladeview an astute observer who simply writes about what he sees. Though this collection is relatively brief, containing just twenty one poems, these tales of late night adventure and modest domestica are worth reading. It is quite astounding how Gladeview is able to tell humdrum stories within such a simple framework and still make them bloody interesting.


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