A.D. Hitchin

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 9, 2013

A.D. Hitchin is a somewhat heretical purveyor of poetry and prose. His work utilising the cut-up method has been of particular note, with his cut-up poetry being discussed in the academic text ‘Shift Linguals: Cut-Up Narratives from William S. Burroughs to the Present (Postmodern Studies)’, as well as the Textual Revolutions Conference at the University of Stirling in 2009. Numerous websites and magazines have also showcased his poetry and short fiction, including 3AM, Dogmatika, BlazeVox and ditch. Hitchin’s debut ‘Messages to Central Control’ was published by Paraphilia books in 2011.

with huge ejaculating schlongs serial killers mantric prayers Parisian catacombs metal
staircases leading to crawlspaces disassembled escalators to
nowhere submachine-gun raw apocalyptic sex music toting marginalia treasure trail of anal
unshaven videos underground butt slammin’ wedged in eager lady’s mouth her insatiable
thirst for semen indecent proposal two-girl session political correctness suffers close-up
view at gates of pussy/anus
rectums derrière guerilla mobility new version adaptable porn swamp flick armpit maniacs
taboo hirsute juices flow shiatsu terrorist paranoia two-guys/one-girl orientation willing to
prise apart stigmata arse cheeks

Dirty Pussy Poem

I’m swirl
sloughing cunt convolutions
wet finger gutting
dream fetish stench
she wears autumn
shaft pearls head music
gimme kiss! Oh junk! gimme yes! semenflash guzzlespunk – swallow
Death Do her
TASTE THIS—hirsute, dirty pussy!
[painful solitary death fermenting phalluses amorphous]
gimme her rank biology – I do not wish to suck eggs but ALL her feminine discharges
Oh yes!
taste slept
her lip trapped in ambivalence
spring shaft ravenous
cock hunger so hard it leads to death

Aeonic Emission

dribbling mouth apparatus dyke session alien-inspired cattle colonic conciousness
night vision mechanical subterranean creatures genetic control fetish
gelatinous   buried transcendental in sweet smell relished sex burnished photosynthetic
cunt ochre magma meat cleaver  splayed gaping labia mutation masturbating prohibited cum
covered comics
-69 minutes-
Dora’s slit boycotts consensus  secretes
guerilla sign manifestation
ontological nocturnal aeonic emission
the black moist derangement god of global pulp avatar sasquatch

scent of song smiling woman she slides stump swollen slight before clock’s gauze of
loneliness delicate cream of gusset milk wet her sex ripe red hieroglyphs disappearing into
iridescent kinked copper
coinage malignant morning singing black lizard questions future contours strike arid match to
blue twilight the southern native kindling of her inner-thighs sliding stench of hot dug musk
rich fibrous simian amber glistening deltas

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