by Ian on March 28, 2012

A-Dub is a 40-something punk-poet from the UK whose work can be found on toilet walls, but not in print. He’s an old bastard, who the Dwarves saved from becoming a boring cunt.


Stained, silky white knickers drawn
Down your wrinkly thighs:
Gusset awash.
You dirty bitch.
I found you dripping
In anticipation:
Soaking the upholstery.
Dilated like an open
Knife wound;
Displayed for the butcher’s window.
Let it all hang out, man.
Stubbled as the end
Of harvest.
Sharp stench of stale piss
And insubstantial wiping
Makes me retch
As I taste someone else’s
Cum on my
Inquisitive tongue.
Panties pocketed for later.

Mr. Allin

If G.G. were alive today
I’d send him round your place.
Telling him to take a shit
And wipe it in your face.

A man who clearly was unique
Who people didn’t understand.
‘Cause it’s quite disconcerting
Confronted by a naked man.

If G.G. was here right now
But he isn’t and that just sucks.
So I’ll raise glass to him
Because he didn’t give a fuck.

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