Adam Galanski

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 12, 2012

Adam J. Galanski is a writer, punk rock musician and tattooer apprentice living on the North Side of Chicago. Previously he has published work in Drunken Absurdity, H.S.T. and Underground Voices Magazine.



Having wrung the necks

Of the mockingbirds

We are not what they

Wanted to see or hear

A stone hits the water

And we ripple out to the

Shores, the sands, in search

Of ears and beckoning hands

It was us who killed the mockingbirds

It was our red that was spilled though

With the price that comes with killing beauty

The bells rang from corner churches in mourning

We watched from lonely front stoops.

They paraded down the street-It is irony though

We are the ones left bleeding out

In the city’s jungles and rural landscapes

We are the bleeding body

We are the shame

And no, they will not dare step to us

Because we are the ones who

Killed the mockingbirds

Because we dream, we hope, we vanish

But what I like is that we never rust

We never fade away

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