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by Ian on September 14, 2010

Adam Schirling is an asshole who unwillingly resides in New England. He spends his free time consuming mass amounts of liquor and participating in kinky and morally questionable sexual practices. He describes himself as an Alcoholic Absurdist, and tries to spend his life participating in the most obnoxious and inappropriate endeavors possible. Much of his work can be found on Alternative Reel, and he is currently compiling works for a chapbook. He can be located on his blog: Drunken Absurdity.


the funny thing about
anguish and
and pain
is how accustomed
your soul becomes
to such intruders
the first wave
is brutal
shock grips your heart
so strong
you gasp for breath
blood curdles
eyes bulge
fingers turn white
with the desperate
of a man possessed
your soul screams
for mercy
but then
oh, then
the second wave
numbing and powerful
your body begins to feed
off the chaos
it placates you
keeps you alive
becomes a close friend
a brother
you take it everywhere
you realize after a bit
that this pain is the most loyal
friend you have ever had
you forget
what it is to be normal
a carry on,
forever changed

the art of false emotion

Very few people these days
Understand the fine art form
Of the erotic dancer
Radical right wingers
Will sneer and call them whores
While calling for the Christ-god
Bleeding heart liberals
Will cry and blame society
And its illness
Housewives will warn sons
About such women
Citing herpes and drugs
Father will nod in agreement
Then sneak away to see themselves
These drug and diseased beasts
The mouth breathers around the stage
See huge glitter covered fake tits
And a shaved pink pussy dripping
And more makeup than a clown
And a shiny pole
Like a beacon for hardons
And they grunt
And yell
And fantasize
About these women
But I see it deeper
I sit there with my 8 dollar drink
And stack of George Ws
And see inside
I look beyond the fake blowjob
And winks and kisses
I see the clever pain under
The false emotions gleaming
I see the brilliant genius behind
This cunning cunt
She is not the victim my friends
We are


The insult grows too late
For apologies
In this hour.
The fear and abhorrence
Has become a sticky balm
Covering my entire body
The stench of it causes
Better people to turn away
And vomit blood
And shit disgust
At my pathetic form
Crawling through these halls
Fingers cracked and bleeding
A sad, soaking mess of a human
My betters stop
Just to stomp on my skull
Make the insult deeper
The darkness is creeping in from all sides
I curl up and cry
And wait for the end
I know is coming.

If you dig Adam as much as we do, check out his flash fiction we featured recently here.

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