Ahja Fox

by Arthur Graham on January 9, 2018

Ahja Fox resides in Aurora, Colorado with her artist husband with whom she creates multimedia pieces. She is an avid reader, dancer, and a researcher of all things morbid and supernatural. Her other passion is acting as co-host/ co-partner for Art of Storytelling (a reading series in Denver). You can find her work published or forthcoming in The Perch, Progenitor Art & Literary Journal, Short Fiction Break, Taxicab Magazine, and more. Ahja describes her love for words as ‘suicide by writing and reading’. She needs art like some people need God.  You can stay up-to-date on her reading/performance schedule and publications by following her on Instagram and Twitter at aefoxx.



I keep having this dream
where we fuck on the bathroom floor
of an old woman’s house. Damp vanilla
and smut, I straddle you with thighs
that could smash pumpkins. You dig

your heels into the plush pomegranate
rug, back arched against seafoam
tile, lifting the water tracks of
past bodies into the dim
light. I touch my knees
to the ground because I have never
rode a wave before. You dizzy

the quiet with your breath. Tell air
to swell inside my belly, bend
the bones in my spine to untether
the scream I’ve held since
a young girl with daddy’s
pinstripe button up hanging
from my hips. I hum lithium

from the highest point of a
playground swing. Lick the sky.
Punch the ground
when the wind stops
and the swing dies
at 180°. Fuse my tears with
his saliva. Touch my nipples
with his anger. Fill the sink

half way with hair and bloodied rags.
The old woman’s shadow slinks
under the bathroom door, consumes
your face, mouth first, and then your



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