Arturo Desimone

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 9, 2013

Desimone was born in February 1984, probably with Pisces or Aries as his ascendant, lived until the age of 20 on the island of Aruba (Dutch Caribbean) and then emigrated to the Netherlands. After 6 years of living in under right wing majoritarian governments in the Netherlands he decided to leave after his first exhibition of drawings in Amsterdam Oost, and began to lead a nomadic lifestyle, living near such places as Oumonia Square in Athens, Nowa Huta near Krakow, and currently Constitucion in Buenos Aires from his jazz-musician grandfather left during a  dictatorship. This way of life has better enabled his writing fiction and poetry and making drawings. He soon hopes to spend time with his uncle in Harlem New York.

 avenue called Juan B Justo
down boulevard of bourbon digested, money spent
and no drunk girl
“I was only asking you if you are alright,
I don’t want to talk to you” the Parisienne expatriate screamed
as she departed,
the Muslim take-over had made it impossible for her in Paris
she was enjoying Argentinian techno
as a result, I no longer felt alright,
CHAPTER DOS . /Epilogue
Parisienne in Buenos Aires
rabid feminism vibrating the crystal of my skull,
fiber of dark aorta
and my weak resolve to hook one
bought back my nylon coat with a hole
and up the stairs,
past vampires with Guarani accents,
Italian faces,
costumes of a cultivated rubber aristocracy
I warned the procession of nobles
of a guillotine in plastic boots,
dancing and asserting itself over serfs and royals, down there


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