Ben John Smith

by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 26, 2011

“Five liters of beer and 100 grams of spam”

One day when I’m old
and have to go to the grocery store
and buy cling film
and kiwi fruit
and Hair conditioner;

That’s when I’ll know –

it will be time for me to go,
standing in the isle of the
twisted and clutching my heart.

My last kisses from a strange
man with tuna breath
blowing into my mouth
and telling me to


The Poor bastard
will be flogging a dead dog
and for the last time ill hear some
one stating the bloody obvious,
and still ignore any of their
warnings and advances of compassion.

But for now,
I’m a relatively young man
and all I ask for
is a crack of light
from the blinds
so I can read my

while she watches her
on the couch.

I’m not a selfish man,
Greedy – sure, perhaps,
but not selfish.

The masses can keep
their everythings,

All I want
is something
from the word;
with out it taking
to much from me.

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