Ben John Smith

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 16, 2012



Was a
praying mantice
i found on
a windowsill
at a bucks party


I’m not a massive dreamer
so i dont want to over
emotionalize this


When I got home i found
my partner in bed
with the bride to be.

nothing sexy –

just asleep.

I was in a horrible horrible state
so i drank another beer

you know
thinking i would perk up.

I didn’t.

I was pointing a
vibrating dildo
around the room
when every one left


I was a blathering idiot
about the praying mantis


who had died in
the car trip home…

What im getting at here is the beer
didnt fix me up.

and the praying mantis
is buried in the
fire lantons

and African

that will never fucking bloom;

and poetry is such a waste

of every ones god damn time

when all you can write
about is dildos
and a dead praying mantis.

Miller wrote about

Old Tim Leary about drugs

Big Buk about being drunk

and even that
isnt worth
hearing about

the best readings
you get

are bingo numbers

documentaries about
hump back whales


betting odds
and the race caller
shouting out your
horses name
as it tears past
the finish line

with big wet eyes.

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