Ben John Smith

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 5, 2012

“Mr Androgomouse”

I dont want to be a man any more.
I dont really want to be a woman either

but given the chance id be a woman.

Mainly so i could bitch and moan
and not have my mates cal me a soft cock.

I want to wear lip stick too,
in public for once,
that would be nice.

I want to order white wine spritzers
and listen to shania twain for gods sake.

I want to put fruit up my ass.

Long thin fruits!

i never understood why woman
dont do that more often.

shove fruit up their pussies i mean.

If i was a woman id be a fucking boost juice
id have all sorts of fruit in my ass.

Id be a fucking mixed gender blender

taste the rainbow baby!

i want to spend a whole week
being a insufferable pain in the ass
and then blame it on my period.

im sick of mowing the lawns,
i want to wear a swim suit
and flirtwith the pool cleaner.

i want my legs in the air when we have sex.
i want to get absolutley pounded.


Some times it would be nice if i could
come first and not have to clean up
before appologising.

I want a big fat wet slobbering cunt
to shove my fist and a whole bowl of fruit into.

i want to suck YOUR dick.

I want to wear tights
for gods sake.

How come only you can wear tights?!

I want to be a woman so bad
so i can bitch and moan
about how ever man i ever met
was an asshole

men who deep down just
want to be a woman any way.

A woman who sits around the
house with nothing better to do than
drink wine spritzers and
shove pinapples up their butt holes.

I want to stand in front of you and scream

I am woman,

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