Ben John Smith

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 14, 2013


Ben John Smith is a foolish dude, he will be in indonesia untill the end of Jan. I leave you in the faithfull hands of the HST family. Good luck and gods speed you wrechard swine..

“The diving butter fly and a banging bell”


If I have a stroke tomorrow

and I

can only talk through


eye blinks


it might take me

ten years

to tell my story

but what I will

eventually say is this:


I had a good



i was lucky.


But I took life forgranted

because I thought it didn’t matter,




in the end it really didnt


but before the end it did

beause you have to remember

to be a good bloke,


be good to people who can

do nothing for you.


Some Babies die at birth,


3 people a year

die from a coconut

landing on

their heads.


im fucking serious


Life is as imporant

as the growth of a flower,


as insignificant as a

bowel movement.


It just happens and then

there is an endless nothing.


I say


Read a book,

piss in a pot plant.

eat cheese



Do any thing to distract your self,

but for the love of every thing that

dose matter,


PLEASE don’t take your self seriously.


There is a shit load of dead men

ho fell before you thinking


“far out Man, I was way To

Worried about my bank



Living room chair arrangement


or my


Internet connection




I forgot to fuck

Hot women,


Stay up late for

Good films



Beer from the kittens

Bowl with a


Cat that knew


All day

Did a world of good


and nothing else

really mattered aside

her soft touch

and the way she could

rub a belly so sweety

you believed she was

made from a feather.

Let the roses die.

The garden

attendedent says;


You don’t look

like the kind of man

who will let his roses die.


the sun burns

every thing i grow

in that red hot


sun shine


and all the flowers

spill their guts

and die

in bursts

of white and



i have failed even

the woman at



i take a day off

and sleep beneath the celing fan.


and at ten


I yawn and it





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