Ben John Smith reads “Holly” with the Scion Pirates.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 12, 2012

Last year me and the Scion Pirates collaborated at the Ocean Grove Chicken Shop for what i honestly can say was probably the highlight of my reading sessions.  There was jazz, strange people in pirate outfits, chicken wings, a shit load of booze and just an extremely damn good atmosphere.  The video above is the audio from my first poem I read with these lads; i just used the images i had in a folder so i could upload it to Youtube.

This year is naughty Santa theme and im PRAYING its going to live up to my expectations of last year.  Kicks off on the 21st of December and its a damn good night, rent a caravan; sleep in your car – kill a bootlegger! Its well worth the trip.

The Scion Pirates

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